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  1. Aaaayyyy, who was that sexy guy who pm'd you when fight was almost over :^) Good shit tho man!
  2. [17:18] Achievement unlocked: [Tal Kasha (Focus)] [17:18] Achievement unlocked: [Queen of the Damned] [17:18] Achievement unlocked: [It Burns] [17:19] Ornament obtained: [Deserted] Ayyy, ofc i forgot to take a screenshot of all the achievement fights i did there but it's w/e :p
  3. One of my alts did not have the [Ros] after it's name when the servers initially merged. With this 'fix' they did give my alt the [Ros] tag behind his name. Wich would mean someone else had the name on a diffrent server correct? NO. Nobody else had the name my alt had, cuz when my alt got the server tag behind its name, i was able to create a brand new character with his name. Aka nobody had the name, yet they did give my alt the server tag. Not the biggest deal considering i did get the name afterall, but it's still a little strange that it happened.
  4. [18:18] Ornament obtained: [Abyssal]
  5. Forgot to take a screenshot because i'm cool like that. But i definitely recommend this service. Figuring out the start took a little longer then his normal runs due to the terrible placement i was on, but once we figured the start out everything went very smooth. Real professional and nice guy. 10/10
  6. First of all, congratulations on your soon to come marriage Amy! And secondly, i've had alot of fun watching your streams and talking to you about the most random stuff :) I wish you and your future husband the best of luck and happiness!
  7. Not fake Sven even better Sven.
  8. Hello there, I'm selling a dreggon helmet with a Shadow Helmet mimi'd on it. its trade-able and can potentially be used to re-mimi the hat on your main hat. It's currently in my merchant for 70mk. But i'm mainly looking for offers on it :) So if you have a serious offer, feel free to leave it here on this post / message me on imps / or pm me ingame @Svenpai
  9. Hello there, As you can probably tell by the title, i'm trying to find out what the current price of Witter Beanie is.
  10. Even tho i'm not really playing anymore either I'm gonne miss ya i wish you the best of luck in real life! May you succeed in life, find what you're looking for and achieve what it is you wanne achieve buddy! p.s: don't let them play with your mind meng!
  11. Thanks alot Ralph, for all the fun and trolls. been alot of fun :3 and i'll keep that in mind for sure, means alot buddy!
  12. Unfortunatly, I'm gonne have to to tell you guys i wan't be able to join goult this year. Basically, i a relationship for 4.5years with a girl i met on dofus, and about 8 months ago we decided to merge accounts (so i quit my own accounts and put everything on hers) we broke up about 6 months ago, but she gave me the account saying she wasnt going to play anymore. I told her i'd keep the password the same, incase she ever wanted to check up on any updates or something. So i've been playing, paying for class changes and gearing my xelor for the past 6 months. and now she decided she wants the account back. Wich is her right since it is her account to begin with. The account is on her name and email-adress. I'm also not gonne be a dick about it, and just let her have it. And i do not have any other level 200 character on my own account since i quit them, and i can't be bothered to be honest. Demotivated to continue my story on dofus. hope i'm not upsetting anyone else with this aside from myself. I do wish the best off luck to everyone that will participate, and will try to be there if anyone needs me to be. Plop out!
  13. The pressure, i cant handle it. You can put Plop on the list as Xelor :) I'm in! Lets serve the frenchies some baguettes this time >;3
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