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  1. Tezar's Rap Career 2016-2016
  2. for what its worth, i appreciate uthman's willingness to point fun at himself. No one's perfect ^_^
  3. i hereby nominate bobeur as the new editor of dofus wikia.
  4. all bow down to our almighty tofu lords
  5. something of major importance that izmar just mentioned on the forums KOLOSSIUM SPECTATOR MODE Interserver Kolossium fights may now be spectated from within the Kolossium arena in Cania. This feature is currently in an experimental state - as we expect the traffic to be much higher than what was generated during the beta test - and if significant malfunctions arrise, it could be temporarily disabled.
  6. that looks...really unhealthy for you but so tasty XD
  7. december 4th answer is a pastry log that looks like .... a log. reward is a pynal cape
  8. december 3rd answer is the brown tiwabbit which gives u an adora blazer...
  9. i really would prefer not to have those idols nerfed because they are useful for other teams that don't involve cras.
  10. actually they stated its similar to final fantasy tactics, not final fantasy, and thats a huge difference. final fantasy tactics is what drew me to dofus in the first place, that and the availability on mac.
  11. whats the base damage now on explosive and slowdown arrow?
  12. yay~
  13. So, been trying to get ahold of anyone who is willing to leech me thru queen in the next couple weeks :( I am willing to pay for a queen run, my starting price is 7mk but i am willing to negotiate depending on responses and results. Either pm me here on imps or ign on Rosal: Beast-Savage Just warning you guys its probably for the best to use imps because i haven't logged dofus much lately.
  14. anyone feel like ankama is having a lot of derp moments the past couple months? I mean more than usual which is saying a lot :/