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  1. So let me get this straight. The devs want subterfuge to be a viable way to take down alliances from the inside, but then they want to get rid of the only way we have of counteracting that for a measly $10 note? They can fuck right off. This is a terrible idea. If they are going to do this, they may as well adopt the EVE model of "scamming is part of the game, deal with it" at the same time, I mean it isn't like they are banning people for it anyways.
  2. Bump! Now that the initial craziness (a lot of it at least) of the server merge is behind us, Fedaykin is ramping back up on the guild & alliance dungeon runs. If you still haven't found a home for your character on Echo, our doors are still open.
  3. if you are on Windows 10, Disable fast boot. The symptoms you just said sound just like a fast-boot related issue.
  4. You completely missed my point. You just showed us evidence kudo was scamming, but then you also want us to believe him when he says someone else was part of it. There's no reason to believe him from just this.
  5. The only person I see proof of scamming here is Kudo, everyone else you've implicated in this we would have to take the word of kudo, who we have proof he scammed someone, why are we trusting his word on this?
  6. A little late on the the response, but if you are still looking at options, mono intel on a fog is surprisingly strong in group PvP. I'd actually argue that it is the strongest fog build in a dedicated PvP team because you can play the harpooner with almost zero downsides. (dat unbewitch) The level 1 lifesaver and first aid combined is almost always more than enough sustain, toss on a healing weapon at later levels and a pure int fog becomes a menace in both 3v3 and 5v5. However, you do trade off a bit of damage for it. Intel has the lowest base damages, the lowest ranges, and obviously less damage with ambush. You also trade off the versatility of tri-element builds that many people (myself included) like on a fog. As for class pairings, the strongest pairings with a fog are rogue, eca, enu, and mask. I'm partial to rogue/fog/enu or fog/enu/mask for 3v3 teams built around having a fog in them, though fog/eca/mask is a strong contender as well.
  7. So For those who don't know about discord (How don't you know about discord?...) It is a free Voice Chat program that is much better than Skype/Teamspeak*/Mumble* *Much better is subjective, I certainly think it is better. Anyhow, after Having used it for a while, there were some features I felt were missing, and using the discord API, and building off of existing open source work, I've gotten a bot running to implement the features I miss from other communication apps. (Notably, the ability to allow people to make temporary channels without also allowing them to make and control all the channels on the server) If anyone wants to implement any of this for themselves, the code for the stable features I've written for it is available on github If you don't care to implement it yourself, but still want these features on your discord server, you can invite my bot to your server with this link The bot's prefix is "$" you can get an abridged version of the help file with "$gethelp", or get the full thing with "$help" Edit: No longer public, implement it yourself if you want, the code is available above. It does not need all of the permissions unless you want all of the features. The bot is compliant with the API, and also compliant with discord's permission system not allowing people to issue commands they would not be able to do manually themselves with two exceptions that require someone who can manage the server to specifically override. Those exceptions: To allow users to set their own color, the bot must be set to the top of the permissions heirarchy so that it can create zero permission roles immediately above the users current highest role with the color. To opt into allowing temporary channel creation (bypassing the permission system) use the command "$tempchannelset toggleactive" You can also allow users to own the channels they make until they are removed when empty with "$tempchannelset toggleowner" Note to the mods on Imps: If this belongs somewhere else, feel free to move it there, but I did not see anywhere else more fitting. - all good, Rob x
  8. Bumptity Bump. We're still recruiting. If you are not on Rushu currently but would like to join after the server merge, join our discord server ( https://Discord.me/Fedaykin ) and leave a message in the Authentication chat, and someone from our leadership will get around to getting an interview together.
  9. Since so many people have been having trouble with it, here's a spreadsheet I made that will automagically check for genetic collisions in the family tree of seemyools. https://goo.gl/s14KUm There is some example data there to demonstrate, but I would suggest using longer IDs than shown. How to use it: Give each first generation seemyol a unique ID When breeding, make an ID not being used already each time you breed 2 mounts that haven't been bred together before (siblings should have same ID) Fill that into the sheet Don't leave pregnant mounts able to give birth (keep them as a cert until birth time) When the pregnant mount gives birth, give every child the ID from step 2 As long as you use the sheet as above, you should be warned of possible collisions before hand. You can't use the version I linked, you need to copy it or download it to edit it. The formulas could be cleaned up a bit, but I was being lazy and just hid a bunch of the ugly stuff.
  10. Fedaykin Here’s the quick and dirty for those who know who we are and just want to join us. Requirements: Level 100 (We can refer you to Forward Unto Dawn if you do not meet this) Active Willing to abide by a simple rule set (see below) Who are we? We’re a community of players that still holds on to the idea that games are for fun. If we aren’t enjoying it, why do it? We enjoy playing the game our way. Sometimes that is going into a dungeon with everyone wearing an incarnation. Sometimes that results in hilarious full party wipes. It happens. But as long as everyone is having fun, we’ll clear whatever we set our minds on. How do we run things? While officially speaking our (glorious) leader is Powdah, leadership decisions are made by a vote among all of those in leadership. Communication: The official means of communication for our guild is Discord. Some of our guild runs are discord mandatory (If you aren’t comfortable talking in voice chat, you can join to just listen) A lot of our announcements, event, event planning, and even polling of guild members regarding policy happen here exclusively. Discord provides better tools for this than anything in-game. Our Rules: Don’t be an asshole. Don’t spam the chats. Be considerate of others. Respect alliance rules. Options to join: Contact one of us in-game. Join our Discord server(and leave a message): https://discord.me/Fedaykin
  11. Here's a quick 3D mesh of the formula
  12. Or maybe the community wouldn't keep shrinking and even grow some if Ankama showed they had a spine and banned the people flagrantly violating the rules. I know of several people who quit because of a lack of action on Ankama's part. (though a different rule was involved there)
  13. I'll start off with an apology. I came across as abrasive, a dick, an asshole, and not without reason. There are definitely better ways I could have pointed out problems. I was being sincere when I said I was trying to give helpful input, as I was left unimpressed after being randomly challenged to a 1v1. I also was not intending in any way to suggest that peg not participate as goult fog, only that there were actual improvements that should be made before doing so. When people pushed back on that, I then took some of my responses a bit too far. I don't mince words when I criticize people. If I actually take the time to math out what someone hit on zero res, the reason isn't to shame them, but because I care enough to take some of my time to point out a potential problem. If I wanted to shame someone, I'd probably get a kick out of linking my broke bitch set I'm currently using on my rogue. (Those who know me a little better know exactly what I mean here) Considering the set I specifically got to witness seemed to be a combination of optimization for both % res and tri element damage by how the fight went, I linked a set that flat out beat what I witnessed with that context in mind. I actually linked two that beat it. I'll keep any future suggestions to private message unless specifically solicited elsewhere; As much as I enjoy theorycrafting and min/maxxing, I don't enjoy it enough to want to deal with the type of drama Rushu is obsessed with.
  14. Meh. I thought the point of this thread was to prepare Rushu to win. I may be an asshole. wait no, scratch that, I'm definitely an asshole, and I'm certainly not a PvP tactics person, but what I am good at is Min/Maxing. If you want to ignore a superior gear option just because It uses old school gear, or was suggested by someone who doesn't take PvP seriously, whatever. I just want the server rewards and was giving some input. I also was not suggesting Peg not be our rep, Just that if she were going to be, it would be nice if people could help improve her set as has been done in the past for other representatives. I only turned against Peg being our rep after the responses, because PvP requires strategy, and someone who can't see that x > y when it is spelled out in front of them doesn't seem like they have that mental faculties for that. Then everyone else responded and I remembered the shitfest/dramafest that is goult and part of why I will never partake in it. I won't be giving any more input as it clearly isn't wanted. At this rate, Rushu will place exactly where they deserve.