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  1. TL:DR Gtfo beggars
  2. all sold
  3. Such an annoying dungeon
  4. 1.2mk ea. buy pls [0,0] Magical-Puss Merchant.
  5. If you buy 30k+ ogrines you only get the hat and no cape?
  6. As the title says selling all 3 boss mats. Koutoulou Larva Wings 1.5mk ea Dantinea Dentures 1mk ea Meno's Hairs 1.3mk ea Message me here or pm in-game Magical-Fury EDIT: Also found on a merchant named Pokii-Came at [0,1]
  7. Maged one myself. can close
  8. still looking
  9. Looking for Royal sea bream and Humonkfish. paying 500kk each. message here or ingame.
  10. As the title says looking for either of these exos. Looking to pay 20-25mk depending on stats. Message me ingame Magical-Fury or leave a message here.
  11. I am offering to take anybody through count for 3mk each. Message me or Pokii here or ingame.
  12. Price Lowered to 18mk.
  13. Selling one ice dofus for 18mk. Message here or ingame Magical-Fury