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Everything posted by Topinator

  1. also remember to highlight my name (we need to lure @Casino-Royal here so that might work)
  2. I play PubG and soloserver nowadays ;c I was going to start again on 1.29 but meh I will come chat with you guys sometime :p!
  3. Bump for the best guild!!! hello boys C; still playing?
  4. it loads and loads and loads but items do not appear, I have had it for long aswell
  5. It is not all about sets -old critical system -old spell damages -old softcaps - old weapon skills but yes I understand, it is alot of work. I like this planner alot, you guys have done really good job :) 1.29 is really popular and players like these extra tools :p
  6. henual

    Haxr is the leader, right? thats the guy I am talking about^^
  7. *wants 1.29 set planner too * also you have item "tyse pick" lvl 85 sword with stats +10dmg -10water resistance But I think it is ment to be +10dmg -10% water resistance (unless the item got changed that way on 2.x)
  8. I think that they have problem with the bugged livis and thats why it is taking so long will be alot of work to repair all the livis , before adding new ones
  9. rip me xD wanted 5mp but thats gonna need exo now hah, will be little more expensive to play a panda
  10. Hello! I created panda on 1.29 and when I reached lvl to wear mount I noticed something Pandawa cannot pick up/ throw while on "the Riding" state Is this ment to be like this or not? Sorry for new topic!
  11. henual

    For sure yeh xD, in some cases ;)
  12. henual

    I mean, Leader should be the mature one We're all adults here I was being nice to him but my friends were in other guild so I decided to swap guild, ragespam messages followed me and he wanted to 1v1 me This has happened to others that left the guild too
  13. henual

    I was in this guild and yes I can say it is active and cool but only minus is after leaving, leader gets mad and wants to 1v1 you xD
  14. Yeah!! Henual pm /w Toodrunktoplay if you wanna join the best guild!
  15. Now that you are done with 2.x version, Join us on 1.29!!!!
  16. Transfer to 1.29 PLS I pay 500mk KEK
  17. so , 7 BR keys, 7 hairs, golden scroll, small int scroll and 330k xp for 2min, easy :)
  18. Hello guys! back from army and I will let my hair grow again!
  19. I AM HERE ASWELL /wtopinator (to ownzored/veldin) and other OG Rosalians
  20. Yeah! They made nunu permaban with these updates lol titanic hydra on him is just too much dmg while cannot be killed. and next patch nasus op buffs, i hate when riot forces buffs on non meta champs so hard I assume they are releasing new nasus and nunu skins soon xD otherwise the game is still ok , I enjoy the game as much as I always did Gp onetrick= elo?!
  21. Anyone else still playing? damn I love gp and I am glad of the nerfs Now you can actually play him, no bans at him and people thinks he is weak I have lile 65% winrate on him and 4.35 KDA plat on both accos now but I am still in the army so not much time to play
  22. Add me too! Playing on europe KakeLuiqqu#2160