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  1. so , 7 BR keys, 7 hairs, golden scroll, small int scroll and 330k xp for 2min, easy :)
  2. Hello guys! back from army and I will let my hair grow again!
  3. I AM HERE ASWELL /wtopinator (to ownzored/veldin) and other OG Rosalians
  4. Yeah! They made nunu permaban with these updates lol titanic hydra on him is just too much dmg while cannot be killed. and next patch nasus op buffs, i hate when riot forces buffs on non meta champs so hard I assume they are releasing new nasus and nunu skins soon xD otherwise the game is still ok , I enjoy the game as much as I always did Gp onetrick= elo?!
  5. Anyone else still playing? damn I love gp and I am glad of the nerfs Now you can actually play him, no bans at him and people thinks he is weak I have lile 65% winrate on him and 4.35 KDA plat on both accos now but I am still in the army so not much time to play
  6. Add me too! Playing on europe KakeLuiqqu#2160
  7. I assume they had flashes on Cd as they just killed our team in our jungle (3v5)
  8. I am not sure how should I post this but yeah, funny game on smurf https://youtu.be/vyoMBygt0Zo?t=145 2:25 , look from that point
  9. I agree with the qtpie comment so much I don't watch the games he plays that troll shit I am atm plat V and gold 3 on my accounts , I que as bot/top or bot/mid Que timer is between 7-25min, it's so sad :<
  10. Haha 😅 Okey I'm a fanboy you got me 😄 Qt is best, forgot to mention where i got the build from I tried it and it has really nice trading power in it... Deal dmg back if they deal to you and most adcs don't build sustain in start
  11. Yeah ... G2 games were painful to watch :( but i enjoyed watching RNG's games, rip eu And btw, I hit plat few weeks ago, wasn't so hard afterall Next goal is to get higher plat and low diamond by the end of the season Also, what do you think about death stance 1st on lucian? Tried it out and seems legit, with that build you run out of mana but you won't run out of life heh( and the new yomu/ cleaver but i need to test that once I get home)
  12. I still use good old armor dts :)) But yeah, I'd use pet like that
  13. Plus steraks is nice vs all that burst, Atm gold 2 :( not so much time to play so I only am good at one role, which is adc What champion should I pick against lucian, it's my main but i tilt when he is picked
  14. Maybe my champ pool for adc is enough then :p