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  1. also remember to highlight my name (we need to lure @Casino-Royal here so that might work)
  2. I play PubG and soloserver nowadays ;c I was going to start again on 1.29 but meh I will come chat with you guys sometime :p!
  3. Bump for the best guild!!! hello boys C; still playing?
  4. it loads and loads and loads but items do not appear, I have had it for long aswell
  5. It is not all about sets -old critical system -old spell damages -old softcaps - old weapon skills but yes I understand, it is alot of work. I like this planner alot, you guys have done really good job :) 1.29 is really popular and players like these extra tools :p
  6. henual

    Haxr is the leader, right? thats the guy I am talking about^^
  7. *wants 1.29 set planner too * also you have item "tyse pick" lvl 85 sword with stats +10dmg -10water resistance But I think it is ment to be +10dmg -10% water resistance (unless the item got changed that way on 2.x)
  8. I think that they have problem with the bugged livis and thats why it is taking so long will be alot of work to repair all the livis , before adding new ones
  9. rip me xD wanted 5mp but thats gonna need exo now hah, will be little more expensive to play a panda
  10. Hello! I created panda on 1.29 and when I reached lvl to wear mount I noticed something Pandawa cannot pick up/ throw while on "the Riding" state Is this ment to be like this or not? Sorry for new topic!
  11. henual

    For sure yeh xD, in some cases ;)
  12. henual

    I mean, Leader should be the mature one We're all adults here I was being nice to him but my friends were in other guild so I decided to swap guild, ragespam messages followed me and he wanted to 1v1 me This has happened to others that left the guild too
  13. henual

    I was in this guild and yes I can say it is active and cool but only minus is after leaving, leader gets mad and wants to 1v1 you xD