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  1. is it just me or are you sleeping reading this topic @Sunbathe i think it is in the wrong buy/sale in equipment 150+ :P
  2. You know nothing

  3. already 69 post's in war room!
  4. you can't do anything with them anymore they removed the feature to the game that made so u could link them to kroz. i wrote to support a while ago cause all figures was 99% cheaper in wakfu than dofus, so i bough a bunch in wakfu and they didnt linked anymore at that time :( so now they are only for your own collection :P
  5. ap fuji ring

    Post price please
  6. not sure if it is the same thing, but to pull boss you have to be the first of the players to hit the boss to trigger it
  7. just being back 2 days and u think about do exo... (245 vit) 3rd try :D
  8. maged this in 19 tries few days ago :D
  9. Xmas sales of a bunch of exo's price changed, added some go check it out Copper-Cab 1,1
  10. sorry for the pioneer wis. 18 tries. bit worse in stats than last one. but overmage in vit and earth% at same time
  11. so i forgot my fail streak so i made this in 13 tries,
  12. this new sub packs hat and cape suits my sram pretty well.. ^Copper-Cab^
  13. Bumb added another ap nidas and ap tash and mp 1% earth broucey. i merch at 1,1 atm :)
  14. been having trouble lately with exo but suddenly at 433 tries i broke through with first one, 2nd was 14 tries and last 27 tries, :D
  15. dunno what is the best score for that i run with some 415 score, because im too lazy to buy and find the right idols xD else you can try use this http://1-dot-idolegen-1.appspot.com/idolegeneration/en to find best combo :)