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  1. Srambad Daggers QoT Belt AP Exo Bearb ring Treadfast Ammy/Boots Pauper Robe Hairsh Bracelet Feel free to message me since I no long play the game
  2. Looking to sell asap, no longer playing the game thanks. Message me on here :)
  3. I have an Ochre if you are still looking
  4. Commander-Borek 200 Cra is now retired for good and I will miss everyone. Anyone needing end game gear feel free to msg me
  5. Looking for 17mk or best offer. Reply here or pm me in game Lieutenant-Borek
  6. Hey looking to buy a Turq, just post the stats on here with your asking price. Please no stupid prices like I have seen around in-game. Thanks :)
  7. That would be much appreciated. I am lvl 127 now.
  8. as of right now i have 1775hp 9ap 6mp 254wis and 600str at lvl 126, havent tried to pvp yet but im hopeful :)
  9. Thanks for the help :)
  10. minus dofuses, yes and i am fully scrolled atm
  11. Sorry about that, I meant 1v1 and money isn't an option, make it a dream set haha ;]
  12. Hey Lieutenant here, I recently hit 105 and am wearing a custom str/crit set with dags but am having problems PvPing. Was wondering what good build for PvP would be, your comments are appreciated :)
  13. Just sold for the 2mk I was asking, thanks for the replies :)
  14. All of the Emerald Dofuses I've seen are extremely more expensive than what I am asking so I figure I'm offering a good deal. Also yes you can have a trophy but it's a Dofus. Some people like collecting them all.
  15. I was going to ask 2mk for it. Seems reasonable due to the prices everyone else is selling them for.