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  1. Commander-Borek 200 Cra is now retired for good and I will miss everyone. Anyone needing end game gear feel free to msg me
  2. Looking for 17mk or best offer. Reply here or pm me in game Lieutenant-Borek
  3. Hey looking to buy a Turq, just post the stats on here with your asking price. Please no stupid prices like I have seen around in-game. Thanks :)
  4. That would be much appreciated. I am lvl 127 now.
  5. as of right now i have 1775hp 9ap 6mp 254wis and 600str at lvl 126, havent tried to pvp yet but im hopeful :)
  6. Thanks for the help :)
  7. minus dofuses, yes and i am fully scrolled atm
  8. Sorry about that, I meant 1v1 and money isn't an option, make it a dream set haha ;]
  9. Hey Lieutenant here, I recently hit 105 and am wearing a custom str/crit set with dags but am having problems PvPing. Was wondering what good build for PvP would be, your comments are appreciated :)
  10. Just sold for the 2mk I was asking, thanks for the replies :)
  11. All of the Emerald Dofuses I've seen are extremely more expensive than what I am asking so I figure I'm offering a good deal. Also yes you can have a trophy but it's a Dofus. Some people like collecting them all.
  12. I was going to ask 2mk for it. Seems reasonable due to the prices everyone else is selling them for.
  13. Hey selling my emerald dofus, not really sure what it is worth. Would like honest offers :) Thanks, Lt Mike
  14. Hey Imps, My name is Mike or my ign in Captain-Borek. Just started playing on Rushu for the first time. I'm in the U.S. Navy and found this to be a fun game to help me pass time when I'm not busy. Hope to see you guys in game :)