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  1. Was a proud customer from this mans fine service you get what you pay for; you won't be dissapointed.
  2. Gives off an Alyverol look 10 vibe to me.
  3. Top Goult Cra for 1 week that's all you need.
  4. Here are my Solar reccomendations, I went asking around to all the adventurers of this world of twelve. Iop: Goultard/Eratz The Protestor/Dark Vlad Sram:Gein/Queen of Thieves Enu:Voldelor/King Nidas Rogue:Terroristocrat/Explosive Recruit Eca: Nomekop Wodly/Atcham Fog:Scampihorse/Merkator Xel:Vortex/Count Harebourg/Missiz Freezz Panda: Pink Knight/Pandoracle the Opposing Force Eni:Skeunk/Brumen Tinctorias Sadi:Diamondine/Ruby/Poison Amy Sac:Nomarrow Transplent/Oto Mutsam/Edasse the Killjoy Osa: Sylargh/Kwismas Minotoball Feca: L.O. Athsome/Commander Imagiro Masq:Agent Oranje/Bounty Hunter Cra: Secsi Elio: Elio Dopple (We need an Elio because Dopple is too generic)
  5. Proceed with the next joke please :)
  6. We need that iop Villain this other iop on this server wraths on luck it's too hardcore for a tournament but that's just my opinion maybe they're going for that x4 damage old school luck.
  7. You make me feel loved <3 stop it you
  8. Goult Cra for solar. Those are the only words needed.
  9. You can do it Rushu! Beat that Solar team.
  10. Can claim is trustworthy
  11. Wow rushus active enough for 4v4 Its too bad it's back to back romo fights there
  12. Mmm more set combos 😱😇
  13. R.I.P that class change money :(
  14. 20mk for Treadfast Amulet Good? I see it's badly maged
  15. Year after year a separate forum for goult related issues where only Nekko/Riful bothered to explain team comps pertaining to goult. Just remember to wise archer beta kolo doesn't help with learning anything goult related for classes so 10/10. Just go on year hiatus and come back for goult.