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  1. Class: Iop Level: 200 Build: STR/CHA Kamas/time available: About 150mk, I already have Ochre, Crimson and Turq dofuses. PvM please. Extra comments: I need suggestions for a new build (2.45 patch). I prefer something with good CH and not bad res
  2. Sacrier A devblog article specifically talking about changes made to the Sacrier class in Update 2.45 (removal of Punishments, changes to elemental paths, etc.) will be released at a later date.Most of their spells have been modified, but some of the new variant spells may be familiar to you!
  3. As title says i'm selling one for 40mk. Please send me a PM here, since I'm not playing right now, I'll contact you ASAP Thanks
  4. I think that Server McServerface was a great name
  5. Woah, your drawings are great!
  6. Why not Brouce Boulgoure? #EvenLumberjacksMatters
  7. Class: SacrierBuild: HP oriented, with some res% tooKamas/time available: A lotLvl range: 200
  8. I use this site a lot and I love it! But I have a couple of questions. Is there a way to search among published sets? if yes, how can search only a specified class? (ex. I want to see only fecas)
  9. I think after the server fusion I will request you something :3
  10. Weapon balancing? Do I smell nerf for 2handed weapons?
  11. I really like your style. It's amazing
  12. I have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes it seems too cool and sometimes almost useless, but maybe it's just because I'm a bad player. Idk, I have to test a lot of things and situations, but I don't think it will replace my iop.
  13. Thanks for sharing, might be useful in future.
  14. I left the game time ago and I'm thinking of returning to play. What do you think about this set? https://www.dofusplanner.com/tRzCb/ Maybe I should use Flinty Daggers, but I need MOAR crits.
  15. Ahaha that's a funny video