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  1. I think after the server fusion I will request you something :3
  2. Weapon balancing? Do I smell nerf for 2handed weapons?
  3. I really like your style. It's amazing
  4. I have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes it seems too cool and sometimes almost useless, but maybe it's just because I'm a bad player. Idk, I have to test a lot of things and situations, but I don't think it will replace my iop.
  5. Thanks for sharing, might be useful in future.
  6. I left the game time ago and I'm thinking of returning to play. What do you think about this set? https://www.dofusplanner.com/tRzCb/ Maybe I should use Flinty Daggers, but I need MOAR crits.
  7. Ahaha that's a funny video
  8. Ayyy broo. I just started on Remi with bunch o friends! If you can leech us on the UB. IT would be much appreciated! need moon and SB mostly :3 Thanks a lot! Add me on skype Lonyrojoni2

    1. Matt5150


      Hey mate!

      Right now I'm not subbed nor I've heroes, so I can connect just 1 or 2 chars at time. I think I wont be so useful, sorry.

  9. Yeah sure, but I'm playing much these days. I'm waiting for the next patch :3
  10. It's time to reanime this topic. I think it's the last time with big ass damage since with the next post there will be 200-250% damage nerf to everyone. So there is my Iop's guts. PS: I know, I should change my cape but I don't like any cloaks ATM. EDIT: ARGH I uploaded 2 attachment, How can I delete one?
  11. Just testing. What do you think http://dofp.la/dgjOT/
  12. Eww that's so sad :(
  13. I wonder why noone is posting here. I'm curious!
  14. Well, complaints are never useful. But when you are paying for a service I think you expect some quality standards, and this didn't happen during the last month. The 29 sept patch was all broken afther 3 (maybe 4..5?) months of beta test bugs over bugs, item losses, lag, unable to connect ecc ecc and most of the bugs concerns heroes. The worst thing was the dupe bug What did the ankama staff? waited a week and did a rollback trying to fix things (why not an immediately rollback and just a week later?) The bug was not fixed until 2-3 days later, (What is the sense of the rollback?) A lot of people was banned and then almost all unbanned. So what is the sense of banning them? To show that you have the control? By the way until 15 october (the day of the hotfix for the dupe bug), ankama didn't nothign to fix the other bugs. You still have bug from 29 sept patch: Sometimes you are unable to connect, sometimes the game freezes, Heroes are guildless so they don't benefit for your guild bonuses, sometimes supermega lag and so on I am disappointed about wakfu staff. I played Dofus for a lot of time, and things are a lot different there. It's like Dofus is the major league game and Wakfu is the league two where only rejected staff works there
  15. You forget "much bugs, much lag and many rollbacks than dofus"