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  1. I don't know why they canceled it after the game was clearly getting close to release, but they officially cancelled it in 2012.
  2. Yes, it was cancelled
  3. That might be the best update so far. I will sub for 1 year with real money if (and when) ankama will release it
  4. I want a fat iop
  5. Bye

    good luck :D
  6. As title says, - Chamo Plum and Emerald seemyool with GPS 13mk SOLD - Plum and Emerald seemyool with GPS 5mk Both are lvl 100 Write here or send me a message in game -> Carcharoth
  7. People know Christmas is nearer Isn't it fun Near the big tree Enoy the holiday Noël is coming Up and down the street These songs we know so well Santa's getting near. PS: I read the small print PPS: I don't care if it's late, I just want to share this big poetry with you
  8. Yeah, that will be a really annoying thing
  9. Well at least he is kind lol BTW this is the big risk of buying account at least, if you really want to buy an account, buy an uncertified account and fill it with YOUR data.
  10. Class: SacrierBuild: Str\ChaKamas: 60-70mk (already have almost all dofuses, no vulbis tho)Current team: Iop&EniLvl range: 200Extra comments: PvM oriented, I prefer something with nice res.
  12. A big sack indeed Enjoy your milk, Santa.
  13. Hi! I just started to play again after a long time. I'm playing alone and I have some problems with the achievement points in dungeon 51-100. I need to finish these: - Moon statue - Puppet Master score 130 & 300 - Brutatax Blitzkrieg - Brutatax Duo - Brutatax score 130 & 300 - Koolich Zombie - Koolich Clean Hands Maybe I'm too dumb o simply too weak to elaborate a good tactic. By the way I use a Iop lvl 200, Int/Agi/Cha, If you want to help me, my character name is Carcharoth Thanks
  14. Woah I will sub for sure
  15. Carcharoth was a wolf in Tolkien's book The Silmarillion. All my chars are named after characters from Tolkien's writings.
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