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  1. I never entered trool fair cause of a treasure hunt
  2. Have you tried bringin a strawberry jelly/bluish jelly and mint jelly to the NPC? => for wabbit potion (only need such one once) To get there, there is a boat at madrestam harbour (or a zaap if you have thatone)
  3. Almost forgot it was today, but I still could help out with the one tile :p
  4. My bad, I was thinking about the dakid
  5. You don't attract them, they attract you when you hit them
  6. If I'm on I'll help you out. I should be able to cover at least these: - 1 Character in possession of ummm? =- 1 Character in possession of Mywwh = - 1 Character in possession of Fwankincense = I'd need to check for my santa sets tho :p
  7. Bug on quests in general
  8. You get a save point, just make sure you have enough energy, then you don't need to redo the portal hunt (or go to its position)