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  1. Very nice indeed. At first I thought leave it like that, it's perfect, but after reading the blue shading... That sounds very nice aswell
  2. I thought it'd be next week, cause else we can't do almanax :p
  3. Oh, okay, I thought they ment the "Tempus Bloomus"
  4. Doro L Blak retired... Where do we revive our pets now should they die
  5. First 1 vs 1 kolo, then removal of 2 handed weapons and "reduced difficulty of end game content in 2017"... Sounds too good to be true :o
  6. More powerful runes give more xp indeed, if they land. The lvl of the item you're maging should be as close as possible to the lvl of your magus (but never greater). So if you're a lvl 84 magus, you won't be able to mage lvl 85(+) items, and a lvl 84 item will give you the best xp. I usually check which runes I use less often or runes that I have a lot of and based on that I check what items I make/buy to lvl magus on. Combining professions like tailor and costumemagus is very intresting as you'll want to get a higher lvl item as often as you can for best xp.
  7. 3 opening in one day, waw! and the weekend has 2 days
  8. Buying Atcham Map fragments #1, #3, #4, #6 and #7 I offer 1m for each of these. I have a spare #2 which I can trade for another fragment. If need other things that you want to trade vs one of the fragments I need, let me know and we might figure something out. Leave a msg here, pm on imps or ingame /w colombo-ll
  9. After more or less 1 hour we managed to open The Lair of the Giant Kralove. Gz and Ty Rosal. Perhaps we can repeat this in the evening :D
  10. There is currently an opening going on.
  11. why open it only once? :D I could log mostly all day Saturday so I'll be there (after 10am would be great)
  12. Isn't the amount of nuggets you/the alliance get also based on the amount of territories your alliance owns? And you also get more nuggets if the item you recycle is dropped in an area the alliance owns...? Not really sure on either of these but I thought it had something to do with it
  13. Can be closed
  14. bump still looking