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  1. Eratz usually don't have maintenance, however there is one going on. Anyone got information regarding this? Cheers
  2. rip dofus.com its down. error 520 too stronk
  3. one more thing i would like to add is that AMD chips older then ryzen have horrible single core performance. i haven't tested the 8350 personally but all the ones i had subpar performance in dofus in comparison to an intel equivalent. Id say get an i5, i7 or ryzen if you want to multi log.
  4. i dont think you want to recommand a 8350 when Ryzen 5 is out am quite sure a ryze 5 1400 is much better then 8350.
  5. STARBOUND 4 LYFE Shika is actually surprisingly relatively active o.o
  6. the evil lag is back on eratz :O
  7. armorea come online...we can hit a few dungeons again... remember
  8. Lol iknow xD the entire server is just frozen
  9. Well apprently they did a 1 day reroll..and now there is no more lag on eratz i can play it perfectly fine now.. Anyone interested in playing, Pm me.. black-magican and ill invite you to the english guild.
  10. i can confirm...NO lag on henual. But Eratz lags alot.... sucks for me..i got a few level 70-90s with tons of gear in eratz ><
  11. :/ all i can find is rats and birds! and the occasional pedo bears everything else i got is via eggs you know what..fuck you all.. i will create a 6 man team of 2000 CP pidgeys will summon all 6 and take a fking dump on everyone .... literally. EDIT: hueheuhe, slowly but surely my army will be ready. Edit2: Mommy when i grow up, i wanna become bird keeper bob... FUCKKKK YEEEEE PIdggggegegeyyy
  12. wow thanks <3
  13. well in my area theres like a million sparrows, pidgeys and rats planning on catching a ton, transferring any pokemon that has low CP..and keep most of the higher ones and then one day spam evolve them all with a lucky egg <3 how many pidgey evolution do you think it will take to get from level 16 to 20
  14. AHH expect it to come back in a few weeks :p playoff hypes !
  15. so i got a low number on the RNG am salty xD