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  1. komrad are u hyped for merge 

    1. Rockyou



  2. but the community is toxic?
  3. Oh? havent played for about 2 months now and havent seen changelogs, what are they changing? edit : nevermind just read the log, lmao thanks
  4. I have one thats tradable in two days (13/12/-). Wondering if the value/demand is enough to warrant logging in and trying to sell it. Thanks!
  5. its ok u can be rushus goult hupper next yr cos keine will be stripped and sold off to slavery on nehra ^__^ c u adam hf fk dofus
  6. 2nd comp, enu is good to have but eni is much better, the dungeons you need mp reduction in can be done without an enu just fine, the only one i'd be concerned about is proto'z but that is possible without an enu as long as eni and iop have an mp reduc trophy or two. Eni is much better overall.
  7. but muh exp tho
  8. rip 508 XDDDD
  9. Bye

  10. lmao first and second wakfu beta was fucking gold, I wish the game kept elements from them in the final product
  11. AHK, windowtabs are really the only usable programs that assign hotkeys to individual windows/clients. Anything else is a grey area and probably sanctionable.
  12. hey u can be main eni next year cos im playing for nehra, isnt that right @Rockyou? jk c u darw was great playing with you all those years, hope to see you log in every now and then for the occasional chat (not that I log much nowadays either)
  13. omg very helpful ^______^
  14. Also worth factoring in is the loss of the +damage from having two hits as opposed to one, even with the higher base damage on a singular cast that loss of the second +damage roll is quite substantial unless you're rocking a set that somehow totally lacks damage and you have bow skill at lv. 1. Not to mention the situations where its more strategically useful to use both explosive casts on different targets seeing as its the (former) most versatile aoe spell and having one cast obviously limits that strategic potential further. Of course Ankama doesnt realise that and just sees aoe + idols = must nerf aoe despite the aoe in question being around for far longer than the idols without presenting too much of an issue when the idols themselves are very obviously the core of the problem.
  15. Ya its not that hard to just change the idols and their synergy a bit but no, lets ruin two perfectly good builds on one of the already lower tier classes lmfao ankama good job 10/10. I actually sort of feel a tiny bit bad for all those cra mains, but only a tiny bit because theyre cra mains in the first place.