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  1. Nice one Amy! I might see you around sometime after the server merge ~ All the best for the future
  2. I can lend you an AP bb band.
  3. Go back into the house in the previous step and click on the toilet
  4. Was nice to see you back and active again :) Be safe with your accounts this time, don't trust no good pieces of shit with your logs!
  5. So i maged TF amulet to 0 ch res before putting the AP back on. Luckily it crit first try, however I had just under 70 sink before this. Does that disappear with the AP or do I have a tonne of sink to push crit res into the blue?
  6. I run a WD Blue as a tertiary drive. Never had any noise issues with it ;x
  7. Xelorium [-15,-3]. 51 uses
  8. #68 Bonta I'm trying to find the horn along Skull Path, the riddle points to the passage on the way to Lechoque's wreck ~ but yeah can't find where to go after that. All good, didn't see Vikin answered above
  9. Hello ~ Looking to sell these for 40mk each. /w Teh-Jelly
  10. This kind of advertisment would get you beheaded in some countries. Straya cunts.
  11. Although my previous post was made in jest towards the ridiculously low price you are offering for a Plumobile - I'm just curious. Not that I'm saying you're full-of-shit or anything on you but Vortex wings cost 4mk each at the time of this post (Plumobile requires 10 for those who don't know), and that is if you can even find a seller. Can I ask who you sold that to you as I would also like to take advantage of this person's outrageous generosity.
  12. S > Plumobile 40mk pls respond.