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  1. Guess what .. bump! the service is opened again!
  2. Selling bearbaric band MP exo stats 236 vit 55 int 55 str 30 wis 4 crits 10 earth/fire/neutral dmg 7 water/air resist 3 lock 1 MP [35mk] ------------------------------------ also selling shylock's ring MP ' if xentrav didn't bought it by the end of the month ' 332 vit 70 int 35 wis 1 range 14 fire dmg 10 lock 7 mp red 1 MP [44mk]
  3. im exoing a headband for a friend, but according to the new sinks, dmg is 10 .. but this happend a lot.. -5 Damage * after using AP rune* does it mean AP is 50 sinks? weird .. or dmg still 20 sinks?
  4. pls hlp, they ruined my life! M A G E. the power of runes was changed for sure.... crit hits runes never give me more than 12 powder i belive, 2 resist runes then I lose stats. did they change the power of runes? if they did.. anyone knows the new power of runes please? hlp hlp hlp .. the new style of mage is giving me aids already.. <_>
  5. Bump the service is now open again, too many exo was maged the last week. keep it up (Y)
  6. all sold but MF hat yet, lower price 35m
  7. Bump, Dana hat summon exo, 3 tries.. lets rock bbies
  8. band sold pls nudes
  9. Missizz freez'z hat summon maged. 40m Inky veil summon maged 45m bearbaric band AP maged 60m bearbaric wedding MP maged 60m and also a well maged treadfast set ' crit resist maged ' The stats of exo is very close to perfect, if you want to check the stats you will find it in my merchant at [0,1] or just pm Ayo-Idea thanks.
  10. the fuck.. im mos.. IM BETTER THAN ANYONE! HOW DARE YOU MOTHERFUCKER FRENCHFOG-2 TO SAY YOU BETTER THAN ME but seriously, y would someone copy steve's name and host kamas? like who in rosal knows steve ? STEVE IS UNKNOWBLACKSLUT -+-+- Update -+-+- He said that he's The-Boozer from shika. the lil buddy I killed in koth today.. all hail the lord xelor
  11. Buying DP souls 4 loots 200kk each. Also, Looking for a big stock of Air resist runes, water resist runes. paying 2.5kk ea
  12. What a long rest.. back to the work. Update. Dana belt ap 70 tries, Inky veil summon 30 tries, Mf hat summon 25 tries. Keep going guys,
  13. 16 crits 42m 18 crits 55m 19 crits 60m IGN Ayo-Idea ._. kthxbai
  14. o.o okey okey i'll add the prices.. but tbh i was looking for offers since im not sure of the price. but fine.
  15. nomarow sold one of mf sold one of each bearband ap mp sold .. keep going guys.