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  1. I remember when cras had 1-3 range linear spells (hitting harder then most of ranged spells) for those occasions when ppl tried to lock you.
  2. 2 weeks late for this ankama, but oh well i guess new players and those lvling professions will appreciate it.
  3. Sweet ankama announced free server transfer in short future, so i guess i'm starting on Nevark as it's less populated. If someone going start there hit me up, IGN.: Imyourdoom
  4. Yea, if only Ankama had guts and said for sure that servers will merge in recent future, but no they just add a bunch of server and say that "IF" server population allow it they'll merge.
  5. Yes they're changing orb so you can restat anytime in a period of 30 days. But the main problem for me haven't changed, you can't change your stats in pre-battle.
  6. Probably will give it a try. Imyourdoom - Xelor or some other lacking class, not a clue what element as well. Prof.: lumber or fish first.
  7. Eca Dimension. [20:48] Portal hunt finished: you can find a passage to another dimension at [-51,22]. [20:48] Current combat modifier: Elemental Roulette
  8. [16:01] Portal hunt finished: you can find a passage to another dimension at [-58,4]. SRAMBAD Edit with new modifier. [19:48] New combat modifier: Cyclic Power
  9. Omg, that bow, finally something i can replace guten tak with.