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  1. Few simple things I'm looking for: 1. Friendly people that value you no matter your level, gear, or rank in guild. 2. No fake empty promises then join to find out nothing going on. 3. Fairly active with at least 5 to 10 people on minimum that talk regularly. (Off hours too if possible) 4. Guild is not too small or too big;,unless it meets nearly all these requirements. (Rare usually) 5. Have interesting conversations about many topics in or out of game without the need of trashtalking, racist comments or jokes, or negativity. 6. No forcing of going to KOTH (King of the Hill) but as an optional activity. If you have any questions, contact information. or more details you would like to fill me in on your guild, let me know. Thank you for your consideration.
  2. What are some of the best community guilds you been in or know that are currently on Echo? doesn't matter whether it was from any of the 10 former servers. describe your experiences with details in the guild or guilds whether it was the environment, the people, or the activities that made it a true memorable stay. Really dig in your memories. The longer the explanation, the better.
  3. Looking-to-pay-70mk-for-it.
  4. Bought the 2nd one for 16. Praying that it was slightly lower like 12-14 mk but i am still very happy with it.
  5. "I've been good this year Santa!"
  6. I guess dreams do come true! When you truly believe in it while giving it your all. We stumble and fall, but rise to the occasion. Always wanted to have a level 200 on a special type of server evolving, In this case, epic server. Not sure how long this will last, but enjoy every moment of it right? I mean, who wouldn't?
  7. 2 times in a row now :p
  8. Was about to start a fight but got logged out on all my accounts for some reason.
  9. My epic server (shadow) guts at the moment. I know I have long ways to go but one step at a time :)
  10. Here is a close up view of my newbie team :) I'm very low on kamas, barely able to survive on teleportation/transportaion fees throughout the world of dofus. I'm fine with that though, things will work out in time. In the meantime, I will enjoy this moment with a cheeky grin while your memories begin to rewind in time just as you have with 1.29. In Line: 1. Ecaflip 2. Sacrier 3. Eniripsa 4. Foggernaut
  11. Yeah the guy told me that he knew him on Rushu, also as a goult representative, so he took a part of his name in honor of him.
  12. Not everyone's internet connection is the same, so you never know ^^
  13. A french guy apparently kills his entire team on piwis, leaves or lags out in the fight, or loses by having mass damage idols while fighting it????? You decide.
  14. My 1st 200 profession on epic server. I could not help it but to let my joy out.
  15. Epic server (shadow) Perceptor Values.