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  1. Hey, looking to have my osa leeched to 199 from 173. Roughly 800 wis. PM in game with prices! IGN - Kamas
  2. Please, for the love of god, do so D: Im mostly interested in the intel spells, and the heal
  3. I love how 90% of the time, all he does is use his hammer.
  4. "I Crit my Pants", and "Suck my Kwak"
  5. I've got a inky you might be interested in. Send me a message ingame. ign: Etheirian
  6. servers up.
  7. I agree entirely, but we'll adapt. Im not toooo worried.
  8. in case anyone else is retarded, like me, thats in about 20 mins. http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/gmt-converter/
  9. Yeah, its usually random, anywhere from half an hour, to 4 hours.
  10. Means it cant stack. 2 pandas cant stabilize you at once.
  11. well, technically, dident the other translated post mention it? and thats been public for a while now.
  12. 1,1 Caffeinewithdraw. A gray sacrier. Many trophys, all at, or below market price! Check him out! If he's not merching, Send him a message.
  13. I love xelors. Hate when people complain about Taking AP. They need to be fixed, but not in the way its going.
  14. Its so frustrating to see people complain about xelors. I've played one for about 4 years, and character wise, its one of my favorite. At one point, I even leveled a second xelor, got him to about 160, and then gave up on him. And to be honest, I dident remember why. The other day, I decided to play my second xelor again, And all of a sudden, I remembered why I quit him! Intel xelors, have to be the most sorry excuse for a class build I've ever seen. Seriously. And this is supposed to be our main spec? This is what our best softcaps are? I had a little under 900int. With spells, it would take me 10ap to do 500+ damage. And that was on good rolls! sometimes I'd come out with 320 damage for 10ap. AP removal doesent need to be fixed. My main xelor, with 680 wisdom, could BARELY AP rape. like, spend 10ap to take someone down 6. To be honest, if they are going to keep the damage aspect of xelors the same, that needs to be buffed if anything. Right now, my xelor is full str. I sit around 900str, and 80% damage increase. I hit pretty hard. its not bad. But if I could change my class, my xelor would be a iop. or a sadi. or a eca. hell, even a masq. If you dont want us to take AP, let us hit. this is rediculous. The only bonus to my xelor, is the +ap. honestly, I might as well make a str eni, at least then I'd have WoR, Frightening, word, Oh yeah! Word of thorn, and Draining word! Please ankama. Fix my class.
  15. ghostly is 1 per target.