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  1. Ecaflipus Portal hunt finished: you can find a passage to another dimension at [-29,33].
  2. Portal hunt finished: you can find a passage to another dimension at [-10,11]. Ecaflipus
  3. People already prefer to blitz enemies quickly rather than play a survival based game. The game is just balanced in favor of blitzing. What's the point of weakening the only viable focused healer in the game? I'm not against the change to Enis, it's not even that bad, but it seems a bit unwarranted. Probably PvP related.
  4. I... really would advise against picking Feca for a PvM centric playstyle... The class isn't as valuable as most of the other choices. If you'd rather focus on PvP, Feca would be a good choice
  5. You can control the summons now, so why hate them? Can even make them pass fast if you hate slow fights.
  6. Enurado portal enterance [-8,-32]
  7. [-10,-54] Srambad
  8. [9,1] Enurado portal
  9. holy shit, I was stalking my old posts on the official forums and I cringed so fucking hard. if you want a laugh, go check it out

  10. Google translate at its best right here.
  11. Updated chart Stuff we know by comparing the two charts: Rushu still growing. Solar got a big boost out of Steam funneling all the new players there. Rosal losing to Solar population-wise now. Weird spike for all servers around mid-Novermber. Poor Zato.
  12. Red hair femFeca with Alvy hat done in chibi style. Had red and blue fires around her iirc. It's like 3 years old lol
  13. No wtf? Why doesn't this company understand why we play this game. Tweak the game, don't change the basic system we know and love. Don't make up new weird mechanics until the game is no longer the same game we played before. We're still here after so many years because we still want to play Dofus. We don't want to be forced to play some experiment.