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  1. You can control the summons now, so why hate them? Can even make them pass fast if you hate slow fights.
  2. Enurado portal enterance [-8,-32]
  3. [9,1] Enurado portal
  4. holy shit, I was stalking my old posts on the official forums and I cringed so fucking hard. if you want a laugh, go check it out

  5. Google translate at its best right here.
  6. Updated chart Stuff we know by comparing the two charts: Rushu still growing. Solar got a big boost out of Steam funneling all the new players there. Rosal losing to Solar population-wise now. Weird spike for all servers around mid-Novermber. Poor Zato.
  7. Red hair femFeca with Alvy hat done in chibi style. Had red and blue fires around her iirc. It's like 3 years old lol
  8. No wtf? Why doesn't this company understand why we play this game. Tweak the game, don't change the basic system we know and love. Don't make up new weird mechanics until the game is no longer the same game we played before. We're still here after so many years because we still want to play Dofus. We don't want to be forced to play some experiment.
  9. Both are right actually. Flat heals based off of intelligence are more useful on someone with lower hp and higher resistance because heals don't scale with resistance. Percent HP heals would benefit more from someone having higher hp and lower resistance. Whether one is more useful than the other is exactly what this thread is for, the heals debate is just another part of that argument.
  10. bored

    Wild Seemyools are the bane of my existance. They have a 20mp and a ton of mp resistance so it's almost impossible to avoid their (hard hitting) attacks. Now when these attacks hit they reduce your final damage by half or destroy your ap. The damage reduction is unbewitchable, but when you can't unbewitch it you feel so weak... and -ap just generally sucks. Fight the Seemyool with a Tryde or two for maximum frustration. If the fight wasn't annoying enough, it's even more annoying to catch the things. Every Seemyool has a different condition you need to fulfill before you can catch it, regardless of the size of the mob. If you find an Ebony Seem in a large mob, you need to focus that Ebony down before 3 turns or you won't be able to catch it. Despite my hatred for the monsters, they're not actually that difficult to fight or catch. I've started to accumulate quite the collection of Wild Seemyools. I enjoy enslaving those horrible fish.
  11. Judging by the amount of times the devs have tried to clarify their position to the community, the French don't like the idea behind the game either. Hopefully Ankama reconsiders their position on Dofus, because to me it sounds like the company wants to abandon the game in favor of a new game.
  12. Entirely off topic but... Whenever I highlight over the words it shows the source text in French. Gravestorm how do you do that!?
  13. There's been quite the surge of guide related wiki activity this past week. This week we had the following guide activity: Strength Osamodas: This guide got a lot of attention from a new wiki user named Egen. The guide actually looks the most complete of any of the guides I've seen so far, though that's not saying much considering the current state of wiki guides. The gear and leveling section of this guide still need to be filled in if anyone is looking for something to help with. Chance Feca: We had quite a bit of editing done to this page and some of the outlinking guides. These were all done by a nameless wiki user. The page does need to be sorted though. Instead of linking to the outdated guides first, those links should be at the bottom. under something like [Historical Builds]. Intelligence Osamodas: Honorable mention goes to @Sommanker, who stopped by and changed Fugi to Fungi. Fixing typos is important. That aside, the Intelligence Osamodas guide is still incomplete. The spell section and leveling guide are still half done. The equipment section remains untouched. Leveling Guide: @Gravestorm has gone out of his way to recommend that the Leveling Guide receives attention. He's done a full overhaul of the formatting and even archived the old one. There's a lot of empty space to be filled in and filling that space isn't particularly hard. Adding in a sentence telling people to level at so and so place is probably the easiest contribution to guide you can do. The bonus to this is, the Leveling Guide is one of the most visited pages on the Dofus Wiki, so your help won't be ignored. This weeks class guide is: Strength Sadida! Another revamp where the class guides were completely forgotten about! I'm starting to notice a pattern... Take a gander. See how all the spells are using icons from Dofus 1? That's how outdated some of the class guide can be. Don't even try to save the tables from their outdatedishness... Copy/paste the template for Builds into the source code and then start working from there: v Looks hard? It's nowhere near as hard as it looks... Give it a shot if you've got spare time to help out. Thanks for all the help! Keep up the good work!