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  1. Hi bob leech me f5 im xelor so useful class. Pls use my nidas trio prices as reference tyty
  2. Hi so after recent update ive ran alot of friends/guildies trough Nidas trio for free and i figured id help ppl out if ur stuck the quest or miss trio/first for ornament. I ask no money as long as u supply keys, find portal and im free to do it. Msg IG /w Jericho
  3. Kinda unlucky with this, 303vit fucked me alot, had to use 3 x ra vi wasting 30sink, but bit lucky on the crit res.
  4. Cmon dude, none cares about losing to you, i've been in Platinum since the server merger and ive seen you attack once, always at late hours none is online. Always multilogging 5 chars with an cancerous compo thats very hard to beat. Your not interested in PvP but boost your ego. That perc we let die was mine, I saw u had a alt outside and was fine letting the group playing the game fair with 5 different players looking for a fun fight rather than easy mats at 3AM. If you really was this OP pvper you claim to be, you would not run a really strong compo at 3AM pvping, but find some ppl and fight when players are actually online lol. Im pretty sure none in Plat gives a shit about the mats we get in those perces. But its np, i just killed ur nidas perc last night when you werent on. Karma is a bitch.
  5. This isnt the Rosalt live blog Kyffles!!
  6. Took a few tries, sac was useless vs razof with vertigo strat, came down to crits on vertigo to win
  7. kolossium is bugged for everyone on echo for 1v1, unless you class changed after echo i think.
  8. Go to Ankabox, search the nickname or char name of the person u wanna add, and add from there. That way u can add unlimited people.
  9. very good serv, took few tries to get setup going but after that ez win, 1.5H in total
  10. im cat lady
  11. Its no bug its just what happends when u go ougi for easy wins :))))))
  12. [20:01] Delivered-From-Evil (Amplified-Wrath) is not online. New server new name, same nickname XD Saw him in guild Jiyuu today in DYN alliance
  13. godblessbobeur