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  1. Obi-War isnt really the best player either X)
  2. Xa cape is solid for cookie cutter treadfast set flinties iop
  3. I did indeed get bored so im now a M Feca XDD can also bring either M iop F sram or M cra
  4. Did they forget to give shield again?
  5. male or female xelor depends on how bored i get
  6. Does anyone know when the winning guilds recieve the hat/cape?
  7. sry for piooner wis
  8. Nidas, allister and one Tash ring sold.
  9. Hi im selling a few exos and regular items Prices are somewhat negotioable. Msg me on imps if u want any or wanna discuss prices. I accept Tritun boots, menobelt, mantax and dark court shovel as part payment
  10. Uh this was posted 1year ago, check date before u post pls dont need to necro.
  11. I think he forgot how2scam
  12. Stage 1 of Clash of Guilds, season 2 has ended yesterday, and we now have our array of qualified guilds; find out right now whether or not you are part of your server's Top 10 and get ready for the main event with Stages 2 and 3: the Dungeon Achievements Race, with artistic challenges on the side! Last week has been challenge-heavy for the guilds of all servers. Their goal: perform the best fighting time in 7 different dungeons in order to make it to the second stage of the Clash of Guilds, season 2!For all players who have completed the 7 dungeons in a valid group*, you will receive your participation gift within a few days: the Dominator Mystery Box, containing the following: Black Ninja Set Megaman Set Goldobrak Set Goultard's Headgear Pilot Dragoturkey Harness Sufokian Seemyool Harness Emote Scroll: Psychotic Skrot For the 10 qualified guilds of each server, the contest is just starting: each Leader (or Second-in-Command) must now confirm their guild's participation before Tuesday, December 20, at 23:59 (Paris Time), and register the guild members who will work together during stages 2 and 3.Register now! *Groups of 4 to 8 characters belonging to the same guild. STAGE 2: DUNGEON ACHIEVEMENTS RACE Stage 2 will take place on a brand new server called "CLASH OF GUILDS", where registered guild members will be using a naked copy of their character (without their usual stuff) in order to unlock as many dungeon-related Achievement points as possible. They will reach level 200 automatically and will benefit from an item bank in order to equip themselves depending on the dungeons they run, from an Unlimited Bunch of Keys thanks to an NPC, and from a class change potion. Each Leader (or Second-in-Command) of a qualified guild may register up to 16 different members* for Stage 2. The Achievements race will start on Friday, December 23, at 11:00 (Paris Time) and end on Friday, December 30, at 16:00 (Paris Time). *16 different people. Identical IPs are allowed for family participations. STAGE 3: ARTISTIC CHALLENGES In order to maximize their odds to reach the victory podium, each guild may choose to take part in the artistic side-activities on the following themes: drawing, music, writing, and video. To this end, the guild Leader (or Second-in-Command) may add up to 5 additional contestants* for each challenge. Each entry will have to respect the "Dungeons and Challenges" theme and put its guild in the spotlight. The guild Leader (or Second-in-Command) will then have to upload the 4 entries in the dedicated page before Thursday, January 5, 2017, at 23:59 (Paris Time), so that they may be taken into account. Our jury** will then grade each entry and will add that grade to the number of points already accumulated by the guild during Stage 2. The total amount of points will serve to draw the Top 3 for each server, as well as the guild that will win the entire contest, all servers included. *A member who is already registered to take part in Stage 2 may also take part in Stage 3. **Of DOFUS staff members. THE QUALIFIED GUILDS And now, make way for the results of Stage 1! ROSAL Winland Kyoodai Ookami no Seishin RUSHU Coosma Parallel Platinum Punishment SHIKA Alpha Centauri Semper Regressum Outer Heaven Starbound AFK SOLAR Synergy Ready ZATOISHWAN Noblesse Oblige DARK VLAD Classics Empire
  13. "I've been good this year Santa!
  14. The pets will be as exclusive as the ones u get in krosmaster