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  1. If you try get a panda with u in exchange of one of ur chars, and have him pull one of ur enus in the crystal thing Masik recommended, you should win after a couple tries of learning, I did this duo with a panda + full int enu just carrying with panda for +6range and hitting with that no LoS int spell, took a few attmepts but eventually u will win. Then just run again with the chars u couldnt fit in the run first time.
  2. I have talked to support and explained my situation and 100% taken responsibility for how I lost my items. They gave me a once in a lifetime opportunity by giving me back all the items I lost. I do not know if they will ban his account or what, I got no info about that, only that my items would be returned by a maint. So im assuming either they re roll both our accounts to the date i lost it, or ban him and duplicate the items. Either way, he scammed me for nothing but ruining his repetition on the game. So this thread is only for awareness with the server merge upcoming in 2 weeks.
  3. Completly aware of that, doesnt make it right for him to steal all my items/kamas.
  4. .
  5. Name it Crocabulia so we can gamble our vulbises
  6. papabless fakesven
  7. Not 100% sure but i dont think your allowed to post content for a banned IV user.
  8. Hoi So 2weeks ago my account was completly cleared by Gladios, formerly known as Independence. I shared logs with this guy for over a month, and he decided to clear my account, out of greed. He has a full team with exo mages and good enough gears. I shared my account with three people, Thugboi, Ralph and Gladios, they all had logs for a while and never lost anything, when i logged on and saw my account cleared i checked the IP, and it was a american one, and Gladios is the only of the three who logged me that lives in the US. a friend msgd him on Facebook asking why he did it, and he tried to play it off as he also got hacked 1 hour before mine did and he was quitting the game, while blocking all his dofus friends on FB, discord and Dofus. So it was very clear to me that he was the who one did it. I wanted to make this thread to let people know about him, i heard rumors that he's also scammed people on Rushu in the past, which i wasn't aware of, and i dont think anyone who was friends with him on Rosal did either. He's bought a lot of kamas and accounts, tried to scam with some of the accounts he bought, i learned all of this after i was scammed myself. He's pretty awful at PvM, so im sure once the server merge happends he will try join guilds to get help with PvM related stuff. His account names are Delivered-From-Evil (Gladios) VetasBack (Avarus) VetasComing (Drunkard) VetasCourage (Ludum) He may have other accounts, but these are the ones he's currently playing. He made a new team trying to lie about him getting hacked aswell and he's quitting, these new characters are Heavenlywrath (Heavenly-Wrath) HeavenlyPerception (Heavenly-Perception) HeavenlySpirit (Heavenly-Spirit) HeavelyProspects (Heavenly-prospects) I found out these were his new accounts when his iop entered same map as me, i recognized the colours and checked his characters page and when the account was made. All these four accounts were made after my account got scammed and were low lvls (40) with all dofuses, i msgd these accounts asking why he had cleared me, and got auto ignored/blocked and he quit the new chars the same day and went back to his old team. I'll leave some screenshots with the best evidence i can use atm, he's blocked everyone and dont respond to msgs IG, so its very hard to get him to admit he took it. But here is the IP of his , and shows he logged right before i got cleared, and that the IP was on my shield.
  9. Obi-War isnt really the best player either X)
  10. Xa cape is solid for cookie cutter treadfast set flinties iop
  11. I did indeed get bored so im now a M Feca XDD can also bring either M iop F sram or M cra
  12. Did they forget to give shield again?
  13. male or female xelor depends on how bored i get