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  1. <3 ye thats why you're not in hh I will still love you no matter what my dear. fk i just got revived, need time to adapt
  2. inv pls je need guild
  3. Nice indirect, much wow, much maturity. Tezar for Goult 2k16.

  4. ill buy everything thanks
  5. hhhhh , practice a lot men so i can secure you goult votes using my moroccan mafia connections, they have proven effective over the years.
  6. that's how we do it baby, the heros way hh gl irl, goult is yours this year!
  7. h gl irl men
  8. we would sure do, anything for the best almighty osa since 2006
  9. Team C did practice, they never admitted to 'not practising'. you claim and i quote you ' Rushu C did NOT PRACTIC ONE fight at all' which is a wrong information because i saw them do some fights in the goult server, i think the words or the sentence you're looking for is 'Rushu C DID NOT PRACTICE ENOUGH for goult' which a problem only them can solve. Again and i stand by it and many people do, Rushu C failed because of personal failures from certain individuals not because of a bad team composition they had.
  10. last year our teams practiced, the problem was from the mistakes some players did.
  11. teams will remain the same as on the website.
  12. Adam, trust me man from some practices we did and many factors that we don't wanna mention here, osa cra sadi sram doesnt work with some players playing the classes (not that there is hate or anything), the compo is very strong itself but the players cannot just play together. as i said many times to the others, i really really like the compo, but its just not gonna work.
  13. behave cafe :(
  14. [21:35] from Xezar: everyone in INT that i know of has voted them #5, pretty much everyone on my FL voted them #5 :)
  15. I agree, i mean why would anyone say do not vote marwen in? Alchy and him are by far the best we have in the server and having both them in the tournament could be a huge plus for rushu as both them are good strategists.