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Everything posted by Tezar

  1. Does anyone have a trade-able Ivory yet? If so hook me up to sell. As it doesn't officially have a price yet i won't be adding one but we can negotiate (bite me mods) inbox or pm ingame - Tezar
  2. Hi jean i have a confession, Im bitterly disappointed over the lack of competence with my simple request, the staff were nothing but lazy to not fulfill the demands of mine to confirm a sure purchase. After what I’ve experienced at the shop of kikn it’s very unlikely that I’ll shop here again, 2/10 would recommend to a friend. Not so best wishes carol.
  3. HELLo fellow impsvillage user, Robert, i am currently sat on top of my bed and unable to access the game called Dofus right now, would one perhaps mind DMing me the stats that the daguanos possesses? given that the items quality matches ones needs, one would perhaps purchase said item. Looking forward to hearing from you, kind regards best wishes all the best Carol
  4. Bump raised to 130m
  5. Bought for 115m. Looking to buy a second dofus now, willing to pay 120m or 115 + turquoise.
  6. If you’re interested and have one for sale still, I’ll be happy to pay 120, having already purchased one at 115.
  7. I've already had a few people pm'ing me that if i wait a week or so that i can have it for 120-130m once theirs is unlinked, i don't know the questline too well, but the fact the dofus is obtainable by quest will always mean that the price will deteriorate as more and more pvm based players complete the quest and have one for sale, so i'd imagine 100m~ is a fair price.
  8. Sounds great, I'll happily wait until the 15th if the price is right, keep me posted.
  9. HI Rob


    id like to collect my prize winnings, it’d usually help if you log online so that we can sort the task at hand ASAP,

    thanks alot


    many thanks,


    your friendly office co worker,


    sharon xox

    1. Rob


      sorry I need your nickname just incase someone called Tezor tries to scam me. 

      many thanks,


      marg xx

    2. Tezar


      Maybe it’s not my nickname you need, but a pair of glasses? 




      susan xx

  10. Enjoy your milk, santa.
  11. Hi best pvmers ever, free lich?
  12. Can you ban him for "quit attempt" spam, surely there's only a certain amount of times you're allowed to make the same post???
  13. Your wall of text hurt my eyes
  14. It's a "dawn" tournament because it was originally just for the dawn alliance members, but after further demand to participate, amber kindly opened the doors for anyone (-thesus and his multi logging bumfuckery) to join. Im sure players won't be as petty to not participate because of a "branding issue", heck coca-cola knowingly destroy my guts yet I'll still drink it?
  15. if anyone wanted to 3 vs 3 they'd kolo, which is why there was a lack of people/interest..
  16. dont forget my enu you cuck
  17. Henlo i am Teznar stikny refenree ^______^
  18. i'll pay 72.5m for cloudy, 55m for abyssal, hmu in game or leave a message
  19. Would anyone be able to insert the brakmarian sets? Or am I just blind & they've already been posted...