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  1. I'm now up for hire if you wish to be carried????
  2. Ok startiiiiing... now!
  3. Looking for the stats of 5% earth 9% water 6% air 6% fire Hmu if you've got this, i'll be paying in the region of 4-5m.
  4. BUMp
  5. Bonjour. I'm currently looking to hire an artist for a drawing and it's to be used as a Twitter header, I'm looking for something along the lines of this kind of design; But to be adapted to my huppermages colours/design of; What action the huppermage takes is completely up to you. Inbox me so we can discuss pricing.
  6. How about an 8vs8
  7. Srry I forgot to mention Tammy chan, no retirees
  8. It's time to call upon your friends and bare arms! We'll be hosting an 8 vs 8 team at [-1,0] in which you can try to beat, if successful you will not only be rewarded with kamas, but bragging/flexing rights. Our Team will include: Tezar - Huppermage - Captain Rukai - Ecaflip - Vice captain Starchild - Cra - Cumslut Zetharius - Masquierade Girlz-weakness - Iop Ariannex - Feca Bjorn-Iron-Side - Eniripsa Wulliobee - Panda Sub - Tezar-The-Godlike - Sram Sub - Fiveoeit - Ouginak Sub - Devil-Himself - Eniripsa Terms of Play - No team must include more than 4 characters of the same person, Each team must include no more than 2 of the same class, Each team can register a maximum of 3 substitutes, 1MK entry fee must be given to either the captain or vice captain BEFORE the fight starts, allowing us to provide a screenshot of the transaction of doing so, If you wish to enter a team, you must contact either the captain or vice captain and give us anything from 1-7 days to prepare a day that will suit all participants, If a win is successful, your prize money of 5MK will be given to your team captain as soon as the fight finishes, Each team must register the players participating on this thread; including substitutes. This is purely for fun, please keep this thread on subject.
  9. Dravite & persona
  10. REst in pIeceS, friend
  11. Foggers are the best healers on Dofus, period.
  12. Well, seeing an evo 3 lifesaver heals more than an eni can, the shielding turret can apply an non-unbewitchable 2ap which lasts infinite turns, it’s almost as if foggers are the new eni. And in all honesty, osas can solo much content so adding 3 additional classes to an osa is simply overkill
  13. Any news on fixing bugs and glitches for tomorrow’s update? Such as propagation and that xelors spell that costs like 170ap
  14. bump still @145