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  1. Hi best pvmers ever, free lich?
  2. Can you ban him for "quit attempt" spam, surely there's only a certain amount of times you're allowed to make the same post???
  3. Your wall of text hurt my eyes
  4. It's a "dawn" tournament because it was originally just for the dawn alliance members, but after further demand to participate, amber kindly opened the doors for anyone (-thesus and his multi logging bumfuckery) to join. Im sure players won't be as petty to not participate because of a "branding issue", heck coca-cola knowingly destroy my guts yet I'll still drink it?
  5. if anyone wanted to 3 vs 3 they'd kolo, which is why there was a lack of people/interest..
  6. dont forget my enu you cuck
  7. Henlo i am Teznar stikny refenree ^______^
  8. i'll pay 72.5m for cloudy, 55m for abyssal, hmu in game or leave a message
  9. Would anyone be able to insert the brakmarian sets? Or am I just blind & they've already been posted...
  10. Hi James, love you pvm is so easy now that even I can do most of the end game content with a completely random team of panda/hupper/sac/sram/eni the doggo class is extremely decent for pvp if geared and played well, for pvm it's fairly shit. Honestly if you build a team with panda and an eni you'll be able to throw in basically whatever else you wish/find fun and complete most end game content.