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  1. Dun. Dun. Dun. Another one bites the dust ^_^
  2. CY@

    See you on runescape ^_____^
  3. I HAVE THE ATTENTION SPAN OF A 6 YEAR OLD AND AM FAR TOO POMPOUS TO READ THAT, BUT FEEL FULLY QUALIFIED TO COMMENT ANYWAY EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL THIS IS REALLY ABOUT. HERE'S MY RESPONSE THAT WON'T CONTRIBUTE TO THE THREAD. It'd probably be kept to international & fr, there's no way they'll mix all of fr servers, not to mention killing off their biggest tournament in the process ^____^
  4. Can someone log me so I don't miss out on the donations? I can dm security code ^___^
  5. Merry Christmas you fucking losers, I hope santa suffocates you all in your sleep ^___^
  6. It's a bit unfair to 508 without using the idols??? Gg though, always makes me giggle when people make excuses for their heavy L. i assume their enu & eni are being multi logged as I've never heard of them ^____^
  7. I've been good this year, daddy
  8. imagine mfw we're semi-afk in a koth, persona and crew decide to form a group to kill myself & hispano and end up losing 3 vs 2, vs no damage dealers... Credit: Memestrology
  9. only if i can buy them for 250 kamas each ^___^
  10. buying tal kasha headgear 30m tal kasha boots 30m tal kasha cape 30m atcham sword 25m bearb band band (mp maged) 240+ vit, 56+ int/54+ str, 31 wis, 12 dmgs, nice heals, 40m moums-ra headgear 30m dolmonax 20 ochre 28m turqouise 8 ice 18 crimson 8.5 cloudy 67m
  11. Expect take 3 tomorrow, watch this space.
  12. At least you've got your kolo rating & reputation to fall back on ^___^
  13. r u sure we're allowed? ^_^ Did you get #1 eni's permission? ^__^
  14. I'm not back ffs XD
  15. what, aren't these like 200kk to craft..