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  1. Did i say it wasn't also broken? No. Even so, sacriers coop heavily relies on range which is quite easily countered and relies on the player building their set with large amounts of + range
  2. Anyone that wasn't brain dead could see that xelors needed modifying it doesn't matter if you master a class or not, if a class has more potential over other classes, it'll be nerfed or modified, it's as simple as that, the only thing this changes is that brain dead players won't be able to abuse xelor/iop/x comp's unless they learn how to do more than teleport coop ---> free blitz with iop
  3. ??? speak for yourself sir
  4. what kind of fool is stealing my "ezar" legacy???
  5. cloudy bought
  6. 65m abyssal, 70m cloudy
  7. bought can close senks
  8. Bump
  9. Fog/iop/eni and awaaaay you go! It's a ridiculous comp, mainly focused around pushback damage
  10. xD
  11. looking to pay 270m, holla
  12. As if the sand dungeon and the whole spongebob idea was any better? Which has been in game since pre 1.29