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  1. Day 2: still no rholback on my ouginak class change ^_^ feelsgoodman.
  2. the only screen that matters
  3. let me know when you log in
  4. Recently started on Eratz, got a team of 5 all around level20, could do with some guys to roll with & a new EN speaking guild, help a brother out ^_^
  5. No idea if this is the official 1.29 page for IV?? Even so, any EN speaking guilds recruiting that i could join? server eratz
  6. sup cunts 7m for lvl1 mountable 11m for lvl100 dont be a bellend and ask for more, it's not worth it pm me in game on Vezar/tezar ps check out my merchant one left of village zaap - xezar
  7. sup cunts 45m for ochre 8m for emerald eat a dick, dont be a bellend and ask for more, it's not worth it, bye pm me in game Vezar/Tezar ps. check out my merchant one left from village zaap - Xezar.
  8. hey pretty boy

    1. Tezar


      hello beautiful, how is my fav MoD

    2. Rob


      Military of Defence? Dunno ask First Sea Lord Sir Philip Andrew jones or something.

  9. Well all the servers will be merged soon enough, given that you're from what, Shika/rosal? but for the time being i'd focus on leveling elemental drain and a specific elemental attack such as ether?
  10. I'm assuming you're 200? given that you'll have 199 spell points i'd level 1. journey (class spell) 15 2. elemental drain 30 3. propagation 45 4. elemental shield 60 5. contribution 75 6. runification 90 7. weapon skill 105 8. (depending what build you are) I'm personally agi/cha as it's got huge damage output, so i'd spend the rest of my spell points on the three elemental attacks each, starting with glacier,transfixing gust & icy shards (this spell will attract by 2 cells and can make that 5 cells with polarity).
  11. Ok so huppermages are quad element If the Intel state is applied to an enemy then you can use contribution to gain a certain % of your vitality in shield points (like 10% of your max vit?) the agility state to gain 1AP, strength to gain MP and chance to gain 150% power, this is stackable twice per element. if the enemy is in The Intel state the Huppermage can use an agi spell to cause -3 dodgable AP, a strength spell to cause the enemy to receive 120% damage or the chance state to cause -50 dodge. The strength state can be activated by the huppermage using an Intel spell again for 120% damage, an agility spell for 25% damage reduction or chance state for -2mp and vice versa. Each element has an area of effect spell and each area of effect spell has a two turn cool down (for example if used on turn 1, it'd next be available turn 3) and abusing this mass aoe is an easy way to abuse huppers ability to heal an an ally with runification (use an aoe spell onto a bunch of enemies, use runic treatment on said ally to take away the rune from under an enemy that had a rune present, then as long as an enemy has an elemental state you can use imprint to gain another rune to heal with) polarity is your best friend, using it on an enemy with the fire state will change positions with the target, the agility state will hop over the target in a fashion of symmetry (if you're two away when you cast it, you'll be two away from the enemy on the other side) the chance state will attract the target and the strength state will repel the enemy. propagation is the best spell dofus 2k16. Using propagation on an enemy with the strength state will unbewitch all targets in a 1-3 radius and will also apply all of those targets into the strength state. The fire state will cause all healing done to the target to be halved and will spread that effect in 1-3 and apply the fire state, the agi state will also apply all targets within the 1-3 radius to be unlockable for 1 turn. The chance state will apply the gravity state to the target and all enemies in 1-3 radius. Each time it'll apply the element of the attack to the enemies within the radius as a state, not a rune. Runification will take all runes on the field that are currently under a target and apply the state of the rune (if it's a fire rune it'll apply the Intel state) elemental drain will will only ever activate on a target that has an elemental state, its 1-1 range and is one use per turn but can be cast every turn, it'll steal 230 stats for two turns on a critical hit at level6 and the buff is stackable twice. Elemental states are the symbols that are shown above an enemy, runes are coloured squares, if you attack an enemy that has neither both will be applied, so you can hit an enemy with neither, elemental drain to take away the elemental state and then runification to reapply the elemental state, each runification that is activated will give 50 stats to the huppermage depending which element the rune was. elemental shield will give the huppermage 25% against each element, each hit that is received it'll reduce the % by 5 in that element and it'll also give the enemy that elemental state, for example I use elemental shield, kikn-isanoob uses celestial sword on me whilst having the fire state currently, he'll now gain the agi state, it'll combine the agi and fir state and cause him to lose 3 ap and then place the latest state under the enemy as a rune in which this case it'd be agility. Anything else you need info on or if you need anything cleared up just ask! sorry if the grammar/spelling is absolute garbage, I'm writing on an iPhone and tired af.
  12. Not entirely sure how it won't have a place in group play, the games been crying out for another erosion character, especially a tank that can deal erosion, let alone a character that can deal erosion, tank and deal high amounts of damage, seems like a complete meme imo. Make a team of int sac, heal wand feca ap/MP red based along side the ouginak class in kolo and you've got yourself a turn 1 rush, blitz team with erosion.
  13. Dun. Dun. Dun. Another one bites the dust ^_^
  14. CY@

    See you on runescape ^_____^
  15. I HAVE THE ATTENTION SPAN OF A 6 YEAR OLD AND AM FAR TOO POMPOUS TO READ THAT, BUT FEEL FULLY QUALIFIED TO COMMENT ANYWAY EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL THIS IS REALLY ABOUT. HERE'S MY RESPONSE THAT WON'T CONTRIBUTE TO THE THREAD. It'd probably be kept to international & fr, there's no way they'll mix all of fr servers, not to mention killing off their biggest tournament in the process ^____^