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  1. Hey guys, I'm back from a year or two long hiatus from the game. I saw that the server merge finally happened, which I guess can't be that bad of a thing. I'm currently running 2 accounts around level 50 trying to get back into the game. Does anyone know of some lower-level (or just more active) guilds that I would be able to join? I'm looking to play with an active group of people. Finally, are there any good Iop guides that people have laying around? Being gone from the game this long has caused me to be bit rusty on builds and leveling. Best regards! (PS feel free to add me on Echo my nicknames are MozaBug and MozaThug!)
  2. Hey I have a question. Why cant I look at the posts in the Archive? Why can't I look at them? It says:Sorry, but you do not have permission to use this feature.
  3. Yeah. I have dagger skill leveled. Now I'm just waiting on a decent pair of agi daggers. (Lol) Next will probably be double or invisibility.
  4. Besides Con, (considering I don't have it) what should I lvl up for an agi sram?
  5. Right.
  6. Just to be different, would it be bad if i started Agi? I think it would be fun..
  7. Hey guys. I was wondering about Srams. Is it best to start out Str or Agi. Whichever I start out with will I ever switch to the other? I can leech him if i want to, or not. What do you guys think? Thanks
  8. Thanks everyone for your help I get cherry blop set mixed with some other set pieces. One more question. I'm training at Fungi Master's is this the best place? If so, should I be in battle set or wis set? Thanks
  9. When I'm at fungy masters should I be in my wis set? Or battle set? Fights go much faster in the battle set, but I get more exp with wis. What do you think?
  10. Ok that all sound good. I was wondering though why ghostly claw over PoC? I'm hitting 300s+ w/ PoC AoE (300 on each mob) just because of the distance away? well thanks for your help.
  11. I'm going to be working on the set mentioned above unless someone else has any ideas. I am looking at ALL suggestions as long as they are viable. ;)
  12. Ok thanks! I'll get working on it now.
  13. Very true :) I'm lvl 55. I should be solo training alot. Probably some dungeons with friends. I do want to be able to support myself, while good at buffing too. Hopefully this helps a little bit.
  14. Hey guys. I was just wondering what some good Int/Summon gear would be. I have 5 PoC 5 Bear Cry and 5 Gobbal. I'm trying to distribute wisely. ;) So what gear would you all recommend and where to put my spell points? Thanks Edit: Oh yeah! I also have lvl 4 High Energy Shot
  15. Yeah, the 5 ap isn't the best. But the +1 summons could be helpful. Whatever you guys think :P