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      Server Merge and Changes to Imps Village   04/30/17

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  1. buying emerald dofus 9m pm on imps or ingame to kinky-orgasm
  2. bought can close
  3. as title says pm me ign if you have it :D or msg me in game ign: Ganked
  4. ran thru masto - obsi fast and easy. Would recommend! ;]
  5. oh yea i forgot. I want 16% res exos. lol 3% ;]
  6. As the title says i'm looking for res exo flinty daggers and hairsh bracelet. neutral/fire/earth % res exo on flinty daggers fire/earth % res on hairsh pm me on imps or ingame IGN - Ganked
  7. whats your price for 21 str scrolls?