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  1. So thats where youve been :o
  2. I've been good this year Santa! Like this
  3. Bye

    So many people quitting..... Guess it won't be long before I see myself leave as well... By jooonas my fogger brudder from another mudder :c tend.
  4. Goodbye Sweet prince :(
  5. That moment when you haven't logged in so long that your haven bag is ready for the season without any preparation: Tend.
  6. Bump, lowered prices
  7. Hey guys, as title says, taking gear orders from the new dunjis: -meno stuff: 30M a piece -Dantinea stuff: 30M a piece -Koutoulou stuff: 35m a piece hit me or dest up ig /Tenderly or /w Destortion as prices can potentially vary depending on the item, Tend.
  8. can confirm, desty will be going to goult as eni ^^
  9. Kot is potentially interested to go as eca, and we may see the return of the-desticle this summer.. Updates to ensue :lol:
  10. bump merch changed, now /w Rupert around village
  11. Srambad daggs 14m each Voldelor Ammy/boots 21mk each Queen hat 20mk Pauper Robe 3Mk pm ig /w Tenderly or merch at kanodojo Kotek Tend.
  12. hupper ding 200 :D
  13. Nomarrow in 2016 shame on you sir is right :lol:
  14. :ph34r: