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  1. backish, put score 300 on hold till I feel more comfortable , also lowered prices
  2. bump, backish, can fit in some runs if needed. Tend.
  3. same
  4. Another freedom leech :> 6 tries
  5. freedom leech first try :>
  6. about 5ish tries :> Tend.
  7. P.S working on limp, when I feel confident enough to leech people i'll add it ^^
  8. Heyo , after several successfull leeches I've established a way to leech the different achievements in cats eye, prices go as follows: -Trio 6mk -Limp 6mk -Freedom 6mk concerning the first 3, I do discounts if you do multiple, so will do 2 for 11m, and 3 for 15mk. If interested pm me ig /w Tenderly Tend. edit: added limp/score 300 and lowered prices
  9. bumpy bump, still offering the service :)
  10. You're welcome, anytime babes
  11. Leeching Nidas trio for 3mk and statue for 5mk, any class doesn't really matter, payment needs to be made before the start of the fight edit: Will do both in two runs for 7mk hit me up in game if interested /w Tenderly Tend.
  12. Old but gold, I miss how relaxed pvp on rosal was :D circa 2015 Tend.
  13. 10/10 recommend unless you join hoping Uthman can help you through cb.
  14. Fuck you ankama for making me believe I got my names back and then ripping it away and adding -Ros after this morning's maintenance... P.S fix your fucking potato server instead of taking people's name. Tend.
  15. You have lost 25,000,000 kamas.You have received 1 '[Nidas's Crown]'. :D beautiful mage