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  1. 10/10 recommend unless you join hoping Uthman can help you through cb.
  2. Fuck you ankama for making me believe I got my names back and then ripping it away and adding -Ros after this morning's maintenance... P.S fix your fucking potato server instead of taking people's name. Tend.
  3. You have lost 25,000,000 kamas.You have received 1 '[Nidas's Crown]'. :D beautiful mage
  4. Srambad ornament finally done on fogg, Queen tight Toxo hermit finished with thanks to Paul and Joep Tend.
  5. Me again... Dantinea Duo elio/iop Tend.
  6. Sorry for the recent spam on this thread... catching up with all the things I never got round to finishing before I left D: anyways, ding 200 on rogue sadly no vulbis was dropped at the same time :( Tend.
  7. Fuck logging 8 accounts on this potato server.... Tend.
  8. A year later, finally completed cloudy n#6, 7 and 8 ty bee for help with bird of time :> Tend.
  9. Nothing impressive, fun little duo with Morpheus-Pride (fogg/sram) to kick off class change, queen tight left for orna :> Tend.
  10. Noob squad feat amos and casnub , #We'reBack! Tend.
  11. So thats where youve been :o
  12. I've been good this year Santa! Like this
  13. Bye

    So many people quitting..... Guess it won't be long before I see myself leave as well... By jooonas my fogger brudder from another mudder :c tend.
  14. Goodbye Sweet prince :(
  15. That moment when you haven't logged in so long that your haven bag is ready for the season without any preparation: Tend.