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  1. Yep. Title says it all. Has 1 chest that can hold all runes. Perfect for dedicated mages. Looking for offers to start. Contact me IG - Manquilor
  2. Looking for more work.
  3. lol despite this looking new acc af I got very lucky w the timing of the range drop so stats were near perf hh. Feel free to message Puredanks ig for reference. Thanks :)
  4. Hello everyone. My name is Manquilor (Talas -> Solar, Elindir ->Rushu) I am providing a maging service for range/ap/mp/summon/res% exos. Please contact me IG at Manquilor of via Private Message on the forums. I prefer if you provide the item, though we can talk about price specifics based on the job. Thanks :) -Manquilor/Elindir/Talas
  5. Embracing the Cra roots. Happy Halloween all!
  6. The ring is on bonta market for 21m.
  7. I also have a strange wand I will sell for below market price aka 8m
  8. It is on merchant Elindir for 21.5m
  9. Merchant is at [1,1] named Elindir Thanks
  10. LMK if you need a cra for practice
  11. Added 3% near perfect QoT boots
  12. Also selling those 1 range 2% earth res Pathogastrics for 42m now. PM me IG