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  1. I feel you're all overlooking the obvious here.... prospecting
  2. Please, who'd be stupid enough to gamble a vulbis? Ow8
  3. Wait....did you just waste 1bk on a house before a server merge, when you could have paid a fraction of the price after the merge? :S Also, am I the only one wondering why the bloody hell people bother with houses except for ones in areas that are actually useful to be able to teleport to without putting a prism down? :/
  4. It'll be interesting to see if they manage to balance the system correctly - if so this ought to be quite fun :D Though I'm curious what they'll pitch ouginaks and sacs against...
  5. Bwuahahaha! Don't worry though, once my osas sub runs out again in a few days you'll be bumped up the leaderboards and i'll no longer hold rank 1 for kolo on Shika :D
  6. To be honest those 3 enis are from Shika, we're not exactly good at pvp...the only one of those 3 that might put up any reasonable fight would be cinako, and even then his set is so much shitter than your average atcham eni
  7. not sure if this is any better for you, guess its down to personal preference.... also, for pvp, i've always found chance sadi's to be the most threatening (from experience of mid level kolo) - particularly whilst i was using an osa, dolly sacrifice + a maddoll out for a few turns really cripples an osa, and full heals you :) That, along with Tear across the map, its filth ;) EDIT: quick look into chance sadi (just realised class hat = non-linear tear O.O ) downside is you cant use ruskie hat :(
  8. What do you have against critical hits and -dodge :S
  9. Presumably its on the basis of full buffs + panda vulns, or perhaps low/minus res on monsters
  10. At a quick look, based on you wanting something cheap and just for spamming mobs, this should do the trick nicely, if you're willing to pay more then you can push the strength a good bit further along with much higher +damages: http://dofp.la/QKl5w/
  11. I feel like I'm the only one who isn't really using the mini-map much and mostly use the customisable interfaces to make my chat window wider...
  12. Le bump, im back online and p(l)aying :D
  13. If youre wanting a healer then I'd suggest int elio with a heals weapon, and/or an int eca. Your sadi should have pretty good heals already as its all %hp based anyway. I'd keep the panda as chance though, strength hits a little more but pandatak is too limited for my liking.
  14. With the info you've given, I'd suggest something along these lines: http://dofp.la/WWbxU/ , gives you a nice amount of crits and the water/air damages as reasonable