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    • Rob

      Merry IMPSMAS 2017!   12/07/17

      There's 35mk up for grabs this year along with an Atanip hat & cape! 'Click Here' for your chance to win.  Yule regret missing out.


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  1. Woo! Now at 16,009 achievement points and maxed my last profession (artificer) today, so all profs now 200! I'd screen but I'm too lazy for that (yes i see the irony)
  2. pls, rob lies - though i think it was around 3mk til level 180, then Millet prices kick in and you slit your wrists for the last 20 levels :( Farmer would seem the easiest route though :) I've recently levelled smith, jeweller, tailor and shoemaker to 200 and from selling up some of the items i've crafted i've managed to roughly break even, though used some of my resources i already had so... once the rest sells, should be some profits, just that its around 20-30mk up front investment. Good luck either way ;)
  3. ^ Personally I find the more tactical classes to be the most fun to play, but I've known others that hate them because they can't figure out what to do within the allocated turn time. Xelors are a brilliant class from level 101+ and I've enjoyed my ickle pvp xel project quite a bit (lv 151-165) - as quad mentioned though, if you do choose Xel, then you'll likely be best to look at int/agi (particularly for PVM) until you can invest the higher amounts required for Str or a str hybrid. Temporal dust actually hits quite well and is the only proper AOE spell you'll have as a xel (not including your summons). As you're currently a rogue and having some problems with it, might be worth hanging in there a tad longer if you're currently only using a 4-5mp set. I played a rogue several years back and it didn't really become anything great until reaching 6 MP - the additional map manipulation you can pull off to get things into your bomb walls is great fun :P Also, if playing with a friend, if they have map manipulation too then they can rely partially on your bomb wall damage too. Both elio and fogger should have enough map manipulation to pull off some neat combos though :)
  4. Not a bad setup :D take it the hat is a Nekochief and the boots are Cycloid?
  5. With that much mp rape, does anything even move?
  6. waw, bobe did 9/11 confirmed
  7. I hope you plan on fixing the fire damage and water res% first :/ edit: oh and the int :(
  8. No max heals? Crus- oh wait...
  9. But wouldnt you prefer 281? :(
  10. You could try something along these lines http://dofp.la/AooND/ - i hear power doesnt affect summon damages? depends how much you use summons over your own damage i guess :D
  11. Are you taking into account that damage in AOE drops by 10% per cell outwards from the target cell - so its only 90% damage for a shovel on the back cell ;) try testing a staff if you want to see
  12. So...yea....That's what I'm buying! Stats ideally: 1 MP 336+ Vitality 55+ Power 43+ Wisdom 7 Critical Hits 8% Neutral Res 8+ Neutral Damage 8+ Earth Damage 9+ Fire Damage 9+ Water Damage 9+ Air Damage 14+ Critical Damage -16 Critical Resistance 330+ Initiative 7+ Lock 0+ Heals Looking to spend in the region of 25-35mk depending on stats - PM me in game on Blitzkrieg if you have one, or message me on imps if I'm not online :) Closed - Got lucky and landed a mage within less than 15 runes
  13. And now for Fantastic Five, let me spectate you trying Count/Nileza!! ;)
  14. Gratz scour, hope count didnt take you as many tries as nileza ;)
  15. I feel you're all overlooking the obvious here.... prospecting