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  1. What do you have against critical hits and -dodge :S
  2. Presumably its on the basis of full buffs + panda vulns, or perhaps low/minus res on monsters
  3. At a quick look, based on you wanting something cheap and just for spamming mobs, this should do the trick nicely, if you're willing to pay more then you can push the strength a good bit further along with much higher +damages: http://dofp.la/QKl5w/
  4. I feel like I'm the only one who isn't really using the mini-map much and mostly use the customisable interfaces to make my chat window wider...
  5. Le bump, im back online and p(l)aying :D
  6. If youre wanting a healer then I'd suggest int elio with a heals weapon, and/or an int eca. Your sadi should have pretty good heals already as its all %hp based anyway. I'd keep the panda as chance though, strength hits a little more but pandatak is too limited for my liking.
  7. With the info you've given, I'd suggest something along these lines: http://dofp.la/WWbxU/ , gives you a nice amount of crits and the water/air damages as reasonable
  8. I'd prefer to swap the shovel to a decent weapon (flinties perhaps?) and throw on a Xa cape instead. You'll lose some resistances but still ends up with 24/27/19/26/30 resistances, but the ability to do some hefty weapon damage :) Think your +damages get better whilst your stats take a drop of about 40 int/str
  9. Personally I prefer how Shika is now compared to how it used to be, there's a lot less drama but still enough banter to keep things lively. Most of the server are in Cygni alliance though so unless you're part of Cygni you won't find many people to talk to unless you're hanging around Astrub Zaap. Shika's population is definitely less than it was several years ago, but I'd say it's now more active than it was about a year ago when a large amount of players moved to Rushu, but it seems stupid to compare Rushu's population to Shika because it was always massively more populated, and with Shikan players moving to Rushu this just creates a bigger gap. Shika works nicely just the way it is, but the constant claims everywhere of it being dead just makes it more difficult for its population to grow. If it helps to put things into perspective though, I've sold over 650mk of gear on Shika in under 2 months, so whilst everyone is claiming that Shika is dead and nothing sells, it clearly does if you put things up for sale at competitive enough rates.
  10. Exomages (Stat dependant): AP or MP Age Old Hat x2 - 25-35mk AP or MP Age Old Belt x2 - 25-35mk Frigost Items (Any stats): Dimensional items (Any stats): Queen of fate boots - 11mk Gein Hat - 12mk King Playas Ring - 11mk Trophies/Dofus Eggs: Crimson Dofus x4 - 6mk each Now off hold and happy to buy these items, I'll be extending my list soon enough :D!
  11. Scour pls, I'd happily watch vids of you completing "difficult" dungeons with commentary, but why the fuck do you keep dying so badly :/ Go buy my gear and repeat, also int elio > all
  12. Well, I'm temporarily quitting so I figured I'd see what stuff I could sell in the mean time! My Merchant is at [-1,0], plenty of end game equipment up for sale including exo's! I'd screenshot the whole merchant but I don't have the time to spare for that at the moment... I'm selling TF Ammies/belts, Inky veils, Age old Hats/Belts, some Catseye gear, Fugitive boots, trophies, AP/MP Exos (GG Bearb rings and hairshes!). I've also got some 80 int pathogastric boots up for grabs, and bounty items (Atcham Sabres, Kongoku Earring, Voldelor Belt/Ammy) Best to message me on imps if you're wanting to negotiate at all on prices, and I'll pick up on it ASAP.
  13. For PvM this barely makes any difference, I'll still simply overmage stats onto my chars and not really fussed about vit... Most of my chars have 3.4-4k hp and they survive just fine in the pvm content i do... I prefer to be hitting high with 1.5-1.8k stats on monoelemental chars and 1-1.3k on omni chars
  14. So, recently got to 13,006 achieves on my elio... next goals: F3 Duo's, Merkator 300, Merkator Duo... Anyone got any suggestions on these including an elio? Seems everyone used elio/iop with the old elio portals, but its a completely different situation when you're hitting considerably less now </3