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  1. Just thought I'd mention he's still on Sir-Maroc - tried to scam me out of 69mk (lol) of items with the old 69m + random item this morning. Mind out
  2. Dhrossil hammer sold Still need AP deep sea bracelet and all the other chance stuff
  3. I'm swapping out my int/agi set for a chance set so I'm offloading a load of gear or trading some stuff for cha gear depending on how good it is and whatnot. MP mage bearb wedding ring 21mk AP mage ringaling 26mk militiamen cloak 2% water res exo 10mk militiamen hat 3% air res exo 12mk vortex boots 14mk belteen 2% air res exo 12mk tf ammy -8 crit res 11mk I need to buy a: AP mage deep sea bracelet kideebonnet sinostrofu boots and cape spookoth ammy glacial belt gilbert g rapier Either message me here or in game @ scutes! Cheers edit: I'm away over the weekend but I'm merched at the big merchant square in village I can't remember the pos but buy my stuff plz x
  4. new class time today I am hupper Trying out int/agi. Pretty fun so far Militiaman Hat and Cloak under mimis Could use a bit more damage but think this is as good as I can make the set atm. Open to suggestions
  5. Bump still need an MP Ringaling
  6. bump - bought everything I need except the MP tf amulet. Still selling the gein hat and mp king playa ring. Short on kamas at the moment but open to item exchange for the ammy. All the items are up in sellrooms at the moment
  7. Bump for edit - still need to sell the stuff in OP and buy an MP ringaling, belteen and fogg hammer. Paying more for res exo pieces and open to item trades
  8. changing class again cos im a rudeboi badman AP bearbaric band (25mk) MP king playa ring (26mk) 1% fire res exo gein hat (17mk) 2% neutral exo flinty daggs (9mk) also selling some other stuff: well maged cycloid boots, vigilante cloak and a -8 crit res tf ammy BUYING: MP ringaling (around 25mk open to negotiation) Belteen (12mk) Ancient Fogger Hammer (6mk) paying more for res exo pieces Just post here or pm me in game on Scutes. I'll be merched at village somewhere probs
  9. Selling my old hat mimi goultard hat looking for around 13mk Pm me at Scutes or on IV. Cheers
  10. Doesn't look half bad to me
  11. You can even go full int now without being such a scrub
  12. Surely if the situation is explained to a mod a new sub xelor can be added? Provided there were at least three xelors worth voting for this year post rework...
  13. After trying out an eliotrope I can confirm I like to keep things simple with a sacrier.