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  3. For me, this is Dofus' problem - they're focusing on what would benefit new players and ignoring their long-term customers. Dofus is a subscription game so I would have thought it'd be better to focus on one player subscribing for a year than attempt to gain five new customers who will, in all likelihood, subscribe for a month then stop.
  4. Looking to pay 4m. IGN: Professor-xa
  5. Not really sure why you can't complain about the lag or problems within 1.29. To be fair to them, they have given us 1.29 - and I really am grateful for that. But it's akin to giving someone a free ps4 that can't play any games. Are you just meant to be glad that you've been given a ps4 which for all intents and purposes is useless? I was really excited when I heard it was coming out but I'd rather they didn't bother than give us something that's quite unplayable.
  6. Looking to do near perfect mages - including exos - for a HIGH price. If anyone is interested let me know asap as I'll only be running this until the end of Monday. Message me your absolute minimum stats and what you're willing to pay either here on IV or Ign: professor-xa.
  7. Buying Kongoku Earring for 15m. IGN: Chalvington or Diamond-chaenz
  8. Put the prices in the tags but have just seen how ineffective that was.
  9. Hungry Pendant: -1 MP -10 Ini -98 Int -47 Wis -3 Crits -1 AP -15 Fire Dam -9 Heals -18 Dodge -10% Earth Res Unnamable Boots -1 AP -494 Vit -95 Int -41 Wis -1 MP -18 Fire Dam -2 Heals -3 Pp -7% Neut Res -7% Air Res 60m ea Selling on behalf of a friend - Thug-Lyfe.
  10. You were correct - just talked to Herr then Ernest and quest updated. Thanks for the help.
  11. I need to speak to Ernest Laye to update the quest but all he has to say is: 'I should shut by shop while I recober, but I don't hab anyone to replace be and look after by customers.' (Close this dialogue) Quest doesn't update no matter what I try to do and the question mark still hangs above his head. Any help is appreciated.
  12. Need to sell one or two of these items within the next three hours: -Summon Baleen Boots 35m -Summon Queen of Thieves Belt 30m -MP Tread Belt 40m -MP Voldemor Amulet 40m -Summon Cycloid Boots 20m -AP Otomai Boots 29m -MP Jammy Jack Cape 40m -MP Nidas Ring 25m -4% Neutral Cycloid boots 25m -419 Vit Fogg Hammer 20m -3% Water Res Kamasterik Cloak 13m -3% Earth Inky 60m -3% Air Inky 60m -100 int Otomai Boots 15m -Well Maged Fugitive Hammer 18m I'll consider offers near these prices or willing to trade for Ochres/Spell points/Pebbles. Again, need them gone ASAP so if you're interested - IGN: Ice-chaenz
  13. Dropped first water fragment. Just need third fire.