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Everything posted by Sommanker

  1. Does anyone still play Hearthstone other than me? Admittedly I didn't play at all between msog and un'goro (meta got really stale for me, no control at all and I had no dust), but I really like un'goro so far, especially since I actually have dust after disenchanting all the cards that rotated out. Except rag and sylvanas. I'm finding most success with freeze mage atm actually, with favourable rates against aggro (Warrior/hunter mainly0 and quest rogue. Quest warrior can be hard if he armours out of range, though. Haven't been matched against much else, just win-streaked from rank 15 to 9 with it. What do you think of this expansion?
  2. Ah, that explains it. My bookmark was already so but I was just going to impsvillage.com on my phone. Thank you :3
  3. For a while now I've been being irritated by the fact that if I log into imps on my phone I have to log in again on my PC later and vice versa. Remember me should mean remember me, not remember me until I log in somewhere else and then forget me again. I'm not sure if you can actually do anything about that, but if you can, it would be nice :)
  4. But that pledge is for the R word not the G word!
  5. Wow, lol Hopefully I don't have problems that bad and you just got unlucky :P Turning off fast startup seems to have fixed the problem. I'll update if it starts doing it again.
  6. Since about three days ago, pretty much every other time I press the power button on my laptop to turn it on from a fully shut down state, it displays my manufacturer's logo (MSI) and does nothing. In order to turn it on, I have to press the power button to turn it off first, and then turn it on again. So far, it has worked the second time like this every time. Anyone know what could be wrong? Model: MSI GS40 6QE Phantom 028UK GPU: Intel HD Graphics 530 & NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M (using NVIDIA Optimus) CPU: Intel i7 6700-HQ 16GB DDR4 RAM (2x8) 61.25 Wh non-removable lithium-ion battery Note: Avoid telling me to do anything internally as that involves voiding the warranty Thanks :)
  7. In what ways? :o Okay so the fans had to be replaced, but other than that, haven't had any hardware problems. Also, I can re-install windows in like a day but it would take weeks to get it repaired again, so that's what I do if it continues.
  8. Good idea, I'll try that.
  9. The devs are choosing the name for each new server from the top 15.
  10. But they don't censor you for typing their names like they do in their logos ;)
  11. Only... They don't capitalise it in their own logo?
  12. They are clearly anti-religion too islam is censored, christian is censored, jews is censored, ankama is censored
  13. Ankama is sensored in normal chat, I tested it
  14. Why the fuck do they sensor their own names and the names of their mods?
  15. When I got the laptop the GTX 10 series hadn't been announced yet ^^ :( I'll try messing around with the bios I guess, hope I don't have to reinstall again
  16. I was kinda hoping there would be a way to fix it without getting it replaced? Also, I can't be sure that it's a hardware issue, and the warranty is only valid for hardware.
  17. I'm buying the elemental fragments for Ellie's Mental Amulet :3 List: First Fire Second Fire Third Fire Fourth Fire First Earth Second Earth Third Earth $$$ Fourth Earth First Water Second Water Third Water Fourth Water First Air Second Air Third Air Fourth Air If crossed out, I have it. If there are dollar signs next to it, I have spares which I'm willing to sell. Buying and selling prices negotiable but based on the average prices. Thanks :) Contact: IGN: Sommanker Post here Pm me on here Ankabox - Ankama nickname: Matuker
  18. Bump, only need a few more - would really appreciate being able to buy these to avoid duplicates <3
  19. Good luck w/ life man I'll miss you :(
  20. http://forum.dofus.com/en/2-general-discussion/284984-list-repeatable-quests-make-kamas-dofus Try those :)
  21. I think the gravity state can be applied every other turn. Equally, this can be done as an int or agi osa too, though - you don't have to be str / in gob form to make use of it.
  22. It still makes me feel awkward that osa is at the top of the list now... was so used to being at the bottom Tbh it kinda annoys me how good the class is, everyone in kollo just gets annoyed at me for being another osa class changing scumbag despite the fact that I never did :( But w/e, osas are up there. Eliotropes and ecas are still pretty good too aren't they?
  23. You have to try and find yourself some kind of method or business that works for you and meets your requirements, and then do it. This means experimenting, investing and looking for ways until you find one that works for you, in my opinion. Some people will disagree with me on that, but I think those guys just found a way pretty easily. It took me months to find a viable way, as a solo accounter. If it's a matter of buying sets, and you have a team with you and your friends, you could always try dropping the mats and having the items crafted (assuming you don't have your own profs levelled) to get new sets, or going with below-average, cheaper sets until you can work your way up. Good luck :p
  24. IMO its negativity like that that leads to toxicity. There's plenty of friendly people around if you look for it :)
  25. That amount of kamas makes me sooo jealous because I know I'll never get that much :c