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Everything posted by Sommanker

  1. Dofus pets app is down too it seems, I got a 503 forbidden Edit: Ankama authenticator app not working either, can't even get to other servers
  2. Anyone know why or when it'll be back up? Can't see anything on forums :C
  3. https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/2-general-discussion/284984-list-repeatable-quests-make-kamas-dofus
  4. I just realised in a sudden moment of epiphany what I would really like out of a game, and I want to know if it exists. If you know of anything that might roughly fit the following description, please tell me. I will be eternally grateful. The game has a turn-based, or similarly strategic, combat system, like Dofus and Pokemon. The game has a system that allows you to plan strategies and that outside of battle. (Like building a team in pokemon or a set/team in Dofus). The game has little to no grinding. The game is not p2w. The game allows you to play solo, alongside or against friends. You are forced to very regularly come up with new strategies fast and on the fly, keeping the player on their toes. Think building a new pokemon team to follow a random ruleset in a set time each time you queue for a match, or building a new set for your character in Dofus to follow a random ruleset in a set time each time you queue for kollo. This prevents the game from getting stale.
  5. Stats, http://dofp.la/3JrZG/ After watching 2.43 stream I'm slightly concerned that some of the new items might be substantially better, but y'know, that happens. Maging, I've already pledged to Laogenes but if he happens to be afk, I know who to go to ;)
  6. Ultimate set finally obtained! The maging process is yet to begin, but I have all the items now :3 I'm so poor now :'( I'm also considering a brutatax wand instead of the archetypal bow (highlighted in inventory in orange alongside other potential item replacements), idk if I should or not though.
  7. the last and third are the reasons why Dofus is not the game :( I will certainly look into that :3 (albeit it doesn't seem to fit the last point very well, from what I've read in 5 minutes, correct me if I'm wrong). Thanks for the suggestion :)
  8. Does that mean I had been told previously that doing this helped you to avoid losing other stats if the exo failed, as it would take off the exo vit/init first. Is this incorrect?
  9. Pure int, hybrid osas aren't really too viable.
  10. I don't, but I was never on solar. You got the right section :) Welcome back!
  11. The first item I ever had exo'd successfully :D Thanks to Laogenes <3
  12. The thing is, it isn't making you lose. You don't have to cast the spell.
  13. For fights where it does help? Cawwot doesn't help in every fight, should that not exist? The same goes for every other spell in the game. No, AI revamp means changing the artificial intelligence that the Coney uses to decide where to move.
  14. I think they have a place, but I would agree that they don't have this much of a place, and hence I may be inclined to agree with that, to be honest. Ankama would never do that though :c - so, for now, having an osa do that for you seems to be the only way. It probably fits more this way, thematically I mean, since osas are supposed to be the animal taming class. If only summons had more reliable AI.
  15. Lock it in a corner, or get an osa on your team so they can take control of it on especially important turns. Or deal with it like you have for the last however long. You have more options available than anyone, including osas, did before the osa rework, due to osas. Ccontrolling summons is a key mechanic of the class now. It isn't a matter of "Osas can do it! Why can't we? It's not fair!" - or is it unfair that srams are the only class that can go invisible? (for example). Just because another class gets a mechanic doesn't mean you're entitled to it too. Sorry if I sound a bit harsh, but I think it's kinda true...
  16. Granted, but anything you gain is useless to you in later life, you hate every moment of it (graduate school) and you are unable to ever find a job paying any more than $10,000/y. I wish that I will someday win a giveaway.
  17. Just drafted a mage arena. Got: - 4 blizzards - A flamestrike - 2 fireballs - 3 firelands portals - A meteor And was offered a 5th blizzard. Probably the most duplicate rares I've ever got (5 blizzards!) Idk how good the decks going to be though, I have like 3 early game minions... EDIT: I'm salty that I lost to another mage who played counterspell twice and countered first my meteor and then my flamestrike >.> 8 wins. Note that that includes the free one.
  18. I'm no cra, but I would have said that the second set is considerably better because: 1) The damage is only very slightly worse for fire/air spells, and you get the cha spells too 2) 12ap rather than 11 3) The resistances are FAR better (especially fire) 4) You have more dodge You'd have to put slightly less points into each element in order to meet the condition for the amulet, though - you might want to change that in the set. You should also elemental mage the weapon in that set. Hope this is helpful :)
  19. I believe that power does not affect osas summons at all. A description of exactly what stats osa summons receive can be seen in the Animal Link spell description, or slightly clearer on wiki.
  20. I think you might need to talk to an npc at the end for it to validate, have you been doing so if it is even possible to not do so?
  21. If you're lower level you can do a bit in an hour a day, but don't expect to make progress fast and it will be difficult for you to sub with ogrines I'd think. Although, of course, weekends are a blessing. I'd say try it for a month and see if you're happy with it or not.
  22. I think many people ended up with some extra due to the changes in softcaps meaning that the points you had before were no longer worth as much due to softcap changes etc. resulting in extra points, so that could be it. Otherwise, I have no clue. Out of interest, did it let you put more than 100 additional ("scrolled") points into each characteristic?
  23. Woah, how did that take so long ;o Was she doing achieves?
  24. I have been enjoying Galio top recently, am currently 1-2 in my placements iirc. Taking it slow after not playing for practically 2 seasons.
  25. I recommend contacting support.