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Everything posted by Sommanker

  1. I recommend contacting support.
  2. :o There's a Wakfu server named after you. Welcome back :)
  3. Use a spoon instead?
  4. I would agree if I thought the game was intended to be played with multiple accounts. Considering the multi-account restrictions in some areas of the game, the increased fun that can be had by grouping with other people, and the fact that they are "catering" to solo players, and that those with multiple accounts have to pay more (although that argument was more valid before ogrines), I believe that the game was never intended to be multi-account focussed. Multiple character, maybe. Multiple accounts at the same time, I don't think so. Although they may have shifted focus towards multi-accounting, I personally agree with the shift back and even though that is a matter of opinion, I don't think it can be validly stated that they "should not cater" to solo accounters. That's (almost) like saying that the government should not cater to the poor because they haven't put in enough time and effort to become wealthy.
  5. Ah. Well, I won't be using those. I don't like seeing all the hours I put in get wiped.
  6. Seasonal servers? Explain please :o
  7. This guy...
  8. I think this is fine and good, but they shouldn't abandon challenging content entirely. I think they should, after this, as well as adding more "easier" dungs like these, also add more challenging dungeons like we have in 2.41. However, the gear obtained through these more challenging areas should not obsolete the rest of the gear.
  9. Don't think that's what he meant considering that Dofus Arena no longer exists :P I assume he meant the building in which you fight mobs from soul stones?
  10. Just had someone try to scam me using one of those fake Krosmaster voting sites. Probably made a mistake in even clicking the link tbh, but if it wasn't obvious before it was then lol Told me they were Ernie too >.>
  11. You need to have a certain amount of achievement points for some of them. iirc, for knight its 500, trank and krobax its 1000 and everything else doesn't matter. You probably have less than 1000 points? Check the conditions tab though!
  12. Granted. However, your evidence is destroyed and nobody believes you. To add insult to injury, someone else then releases a speed run 1 second faster than you claimed yours to be two days later. I wish to become good at persuasion and debating.
  13. I have the same problem, and have done ever since the merge. Playing one account in the UK. I found that turning green chat off helped me, my client freezes whenever I turn it on or off in fights, but my fights do still freeze occasionally until I say something in chat.
  14. Actually, the broken english can be part of the plan: it means that cleverer people, who won't fall for the scam anyway, are more likely to ignore the person rather than engage with them making it less likely that they will a) get reported to Ankama or b) counter-scammed. It also means that the people they do get responding are more likely to fall for a scam.
  15. Nice one ;o Now help me <3
  16. I posted a response to that guys form in that thread :)
  17. I have this problem too, especially when Dofus is not the active window, so could be to do with that?
  18. Ok so since then, I realised that -cris res sucks and developed this http://dofp.la/e3S8l/. Since then, I've been helped by Hurtmeplease, and then Personas who developed this: http://dofp.la/3JrZG/ which I think is what I'm going to use. If anyone wants to take a look and suggest any possible further improvements, please do <3 Otherwise, that is closer to my price range (nothing will ever be within it lol) and has pretty damn good stats.
  19. [14:46] Quest finished: [Ellie Who? Ellie Mental?] :D Wish me luck with the maging process!
  20. I'm looking for new set ideas again. Level 200 int osa No items or exos costing much more than 30mk ish (1 can be included if I can find a way around it that's still viable) - exceptions: Ellie's Deluxe Mental Amulet, Ice Dofus, Ochre Dofus, Dofusteuse I have no team. I want it to be particularly good in pvp. However, it still needs to be useable for PvM. Here's what I've developed so far, any improvements? http://dofp.la/e3S8l/ I would use ochre/nomad in place of hp trophies until I can afford the exos. Or, if there's a set out there or that you can come up with that's better, show me <3 Thanks :D
  21. I feel sentimental, but equally, it's only just happened, lol - there's no way to go back, and I'm yet to feel much nostalgia because it hasn't even been a week. Equally, I was on Shika and have absolutely no attachment to Rushu, or any other server, whatsoever. Except Zato, I got an iop to lv 20-30 there about 8-9 years ago.
  22. Nah, call it Shika.
  23. I've had some weird disconnects since merge too.
  24. I do.