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  1. If all the same level and rank, I would assume so too. But not everyone is going to be the same level and rank. in a situation similar to that, you could be paired against the sram, or against an iop with an above average rating.
  2. That is not what they said. They are not going to not put you against certain classes. Instead, they will put you up against a member of that class which is innately good/bad against yours, who is worse/better. So if srams are too good against sacs, and there are srams and sacs in matchmaking, they will put sacs against worse sram players to give both players a chance, since if the sac and sram are both of equal skill the sram will always win.
  3. I saw your post and decided to check where I am on Shika's leaderboard... Turns out I'm up in 4th after not having kollo'd for over a month. Okay so there isn't that much competition on Shika, but like, still - I thought I sucked. Turns out I can still be up there without the best sets. I count that as a personal achievement.
  4. Sad :(
  5. Interesting. Anyone know what levels its aimed at, or is it split into zones for all again?
  6. Damn I'm gonna miss having a small community.
  7. How does that work if the e-mail says that they effectively delete your characters and everything they have? :o
  8. Have they ever done anything like this before? Or without telling us?
  9. Paralyse is the British spelling of the word, Paralyze is the American / other English spelling, so no, it's correct :)
  10. I'm not 100% sure exactly what you mean, but I suppose you should just try and if the game gives you the achievement it's fine and otherwise it's not?
  11. This way the tournament is open to more people. In a way, you could pretend that this tournament is completely separate from the main MMORPG itself - it is a test of 3v3 pvp skill and nothing else. Ankama have said that there will be 2 tournaments a year - maybe the other one will be different?
  12. What I meant was that this way it's not only the guys with the best possible gear that can compete, like it was in goult. And of course the zaapsitters and beggers don't have a chance compared to the active players, but at least they can still try this way rather than being effectively locked out from the start. I do hope the second tournament later in the year is different so that what you described is true, but at the same time I think it's very good to have one of the tournaments like this.
  13. Yep :p, it's a skill-based only PvP tournament for everyone rather than a tournament only for the elitest of the elite
  14. What about items below 160? Ruskie hat, dreggon helmet, etc. Oh, and mounts / pets?