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  1. I'm still around although not as active as I used to be :P Hi
  2. Oh yeah, anyone know how I can unmute my mic? I googled it and I'm not the only one, but nobody seems to have a fix. I can join chat channels and hear other people, but when I go to the voice chat screen, my mic is muted, and when I press the 'unmute mic' button it instamutes again. I have tried three different mics and reinstalling the game. Tested with push to talk (while pushing button, yes) and with open mic. Same issue with both.
  3. nice one edit: nice time too
  4. Yes, they have for me.
  5. Yeah. By extension, certain parts of The Swamp I think can also be reached so that should probably be mapped too. Never happened to me though, but it's a small area so map it in case?
  6. When released, divine dimensions gave 8x rewards but were removed, so you can indeed no longer get hunts in dimensions. Also: Some areas on the list, like nauseating swamps and bottomless swamps, are listed as crosses. Depending on why you need this information, this might be okay - I believe (not 100% sure) that hunts cannot start in these areas. However, hunts can, I believe, move into these areas from wild dragoturkey territory for example, meaning that they should still be mapped.
  7. That makes more sense. I feel so enlightened!
  8. That isn't quite what I meant. Disregarding resistance entirely temporarily: If you have 2k (current) hp, and are being healed, you will get more value from that healing if you have 5k max hp than 3.5k max hp, as you can be healed back up to a higher maximum amount. E.g., as an osa, I would have thought it would be better for me to have a higher vit since I can self-heal for so much.
  9. Huh? I would have thought that with heals a higher maximum health would be better so you could be healed by more
  10. I demand that you continue!
  11. Well, it's here. It doesn't support macros (but ahk) and it can't be programmed, but it's still nice. It feels nice for typing, I like it for gaming and the rgb is really cool. Wish it had a bigger wrist-wrest though. Pretty happy with it, especially for how cheap I got it. Thanks for all of your advice guys :D
  12. Granted, but the zombie apocalypse will come in 2018. I wish life was simpler.
  13. Granted, but you can only teleport to the Galapagos Islands. I wish I was better at general knowledge quizzes.
  14. Granted, your skin cells were replaced by perfect, flawless ones. Unfortunately, your body rejects these cells and kills them all, leading to your painful death in the process. I wish that my £150 hard drive, which I already had repaired once, would fucking work. At the moment it disconnects itself all the time leading to corruption and malfunctions.