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  1. What I meant was that this way it's not only the guys with the best possible gear that can compete, like it was in goult. And of course the zaapsitters and beggers don't have a chance compared to the active players, but at least they can still try this way rather than being effectively locked out from the start. I do hope the second tournament later in the year is different so that what you described is true, but at the same time I think it's very good to have one of the tournaments like this.
  2. Yep :p, it's a skill-based only PvP tournament for everyone rather than a tournament only for the elitest of the elite
  3. What about items below 160? Ruskie hat, dreggon helmet, etc. Oh, and mounts / pets?
  4. I don't think thats what he meant - the first tentacle has to be 'fed' (a summon or character, according to wiki), not just be able to attack something like the others.
  5. I'm buying the elemental fragments for Ellie's Mental Amulet :3 List: First Fire Second Fire Third Fire Fourth Fire First Earth Second Earth Third Earth $$$ Fourth Earth First Water Second Water Third Water Fourth Water First Air Second Air Third Air Fourth Air If crossed out, I have it. If there are dollar signs next to it, I have spares which I'm willing to sell. Buying and selling prices negotiable but based on the average prices. Thanks :) Contact: IGN: Sommanker Post here Pm me on here Ankabox - Ankama nickname: Matuker
  6. Granted, now it feels like ripping your very soul apart and you no longer have a personality as a result of it. I wish I could stop procrastinating and wake up without feeling tired.
  7. Add the ability to challenge others and fight in haven bags. I think this would be cool because it could use the stuff you have placed in there as obstacles, so it would be like designing your own map for fighting :D If you turn tactical mode off for a moment you could make it look really cool and thematic too, giving haven bags a kind of new purpose. You could choose your own starting placement positions too, possibly, and make preset positions to switch or rotate between automatically like what was just added in 2.40. EDIT: You could also potentially spawn things like using crackelerocks (which spawns a crackrock and only normally works in those designated areas) in haven bags?
  8. I want it and I don't think it exists in English, does it?
  9. OCHREEE :D :D :D :D Next up, Ice Dofus + Dofusteuse.
  10. Almost there!!!! :D Kralove should open more easily now too :3 inb4 rollback
  11. I have, and always have had, the same problem. I'd recommend translating it into English and using it as best you can?
  12. Me too. Getting the server may be unavailable, connection failed message. Right now I'm just hoping for no rollback tbh, something seems to have gone really wrong. I mean, paddocks are disabled lol