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  1. When they say "Improve professions" what do they mean? I want them less grindy, is that likely to happen? Also, "improve ava" - this is really vague, I don't know what I'm voting for over something specific :/
  2. Echo is up and working, it was near impossible to connect to it earlier though due to full login queues.
  3. Does anyone else see the contradiction? Guess I'm going to be waiting a while for Ilyzaelle... Hope people don't all go Dramak instead without me knowing lol
  4. I've found a couple of them useful for difficult quest fights that were actually easier with an incarnation than as an osa, idk what it was called but I think it might have been a wabbit one of some kind? Other than very niche uses like that, they're mainly just for looks and because they're cool.
  5. I don't play eni, but except the different coney that looks like normal puzzling word to me :s Edit: nvm was watching it backwards mb
  6. I'm planning to start too, don't know how long I'll last before getting bored though. IGN will be Sommanker, undecided on class (cra? eca? enu? elio? panda?) and build. Doubt I'll have any professions tbh, but if I do, I'll be on the list of craftsmen.
  7. Well, late November / early December isn't too unreasonable since they've stated in Gamakna that it will be in the December update.
  8. How many people would be though?
  9. Maybe more potions like the Ayuto potion for bolgrot fight iirc could be added to make getting to out of the way areas and NPCs easier for all? And would be balancable through recipes that way. Also, What did they say to the raid bosses/bigger fights idea?
  10. ....andd for that new orb type you pretty much need to pay for 2.5 extra subs/month/acc, so imo it doesn't really solve that for those who aren't rich af.
  11. Well, you said every idea had a chance, so I want the inventory item transferring buttons (transfer all visible/all items/etc., that are available in the bank) to be available in interfaces such as the magus crafting interface so that we don't have to hold ctrl and spam click for a minute. I'd also like more variety in ways to earn profession xp, so it's more than just clicking on harvestable things for hours. Maybe simply more ways to do it, or quests and achieves that give (a meaningful amount of) xp to professions? This one came off the top of my head. At the moment profession levelling is pretty boring, which is why I've never really bothered with them. This one came off the top of my head too - and I don't know if this one is possible or worth doing, but a kanjoedo server where you can test out sets - with a bank of all the items provided, like is done with the tournaments. Of course, you shouldn't be able to fight other monsters or players here, as that kinda removes a lot of incentive to actually play the game. Also, add better market filtering - so one can perhaps search the tailors market and filter by items that give 90+ strength and 40+ wisdom, and in the pet market, only see level 100 chamo mounts. And make more info visible on mount certs too. Edit: Just remembered this I wrote quite a while ago, this is a pretty big thing but I still think it would be a cool idea. http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/149352-mechanically-interestingdifferentunique-fights/
  12. Well that's annoying, I like MMORPGs and RPGs in order to escape the session-based games.
  13. Yes. The black wyrming's dragonfire and the Dragon's Breath effect used to heal you too, but now it only heals allies.
  14. Don't think of it as Dofus 3, it isn't a replacement for Dofus 2, whatever it is. They are just releasing a new game called Dofus Cube (it seems), set in the same universe, obviously.