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  1. I'm looking to trim my team down from 8 to 6 characters. I have 4 Characters that i want to keep 200 Iop-Omni 200 Eca-Agi/Cha 199 Panda- Int/Cha 199 Eni-Int/Agi My other characters are 200 Enu 200 Cra 19x Masq 19x Sac 19x Osa I don't mind changing the class of the four not in core nor do i mind what builds for them that are suggested. The goal is the be able to do dimension dungeons.
  2. enurado portal at [3,28]
  3. Bump still buying need 36 now
  4. Bump Still buying
  5. paying 50kk ea now
  6. like the title says i'm looking to buy wastrel feathers. I need 44 of them looking to pay 15kk ea but willing to negoitate if you have all of them. you can message me here or in game at Brokle-Championjr
  7. I'm buying ap hairish ring for 24mk and normal tread fast boots 5mk and treadfast belt 8mk. leave me a reply or private message on imps.
  8. Merchant at -3,0 full of runes, some equipment nothing above frig 2, and some pets. Runes are at there average price per unit. The merchant is Brokle-Championjr
  9. Portal to the Xelorium dimension [-25,35] 114 uses
  10. Buying an ap allister ring bewteen 10 and 15mk depending on the stats leave me a message on imps or message Brokle-championjr in game.
  11. Xelor dimension portal at -48,13 with 97 uses
  12. buying ap kringlove for 20m message Brokle-Championjr or leave a message here.
  13. lowered the price of items over 1mk some dropped alot and others not so much the merc is still at the last posted spot.
  14. Location has changed to -1,1 and most are about under the market price cause that's how i priced them fast. checked the cheapest in the market and went under it in price.
  15. Like the title says im having a quiting dofus merchant. the loaction of the merchant is 0,1, Brokle-Championjr.