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  1. awesome, time left to do 300 stuff then
  2. When is Kwismas Island closing?
  3. I'm here as well
  4. I used this
  5. Anyone else unable to move breeding items after update? I can only place them in paddock, but can't interact with them afterwards.
  6. This bothers me so much
  7. The razor deathstalker is pretty nice since it has low profile keys and hits the actuation point pretty fast. I use it for over 4years but decided to go mechanical as well. I now own a Corsair K70 which is built like a tank with its aluminum body, types great (I have cherry browns), has a ton of controls and even has a USB pass through. (A downside is if you don't have USB3 you need to feed it off 2 USB headers, but that's not a common problem since everything has USB3 nowadays anyways)
  8. Cool thx bob so almond: 2 striped with 4 different colors (or can it be ebony/crim & ebony/indigo) and for ginger, is it two different golden stripes (or can it be the same as well)?
  9. this is my first almond parents trees are:
  10. Can someone enlighten me why this tree gave an almond Is it because the random ebony/crim & indigo/orchid?
  11. OK I give 0 fucks about the cosmetic stuff but half a dolmanax is nicr
  12. Something like this????