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  1. this is top quality
  2. Yeah you basically need to complete the quests until you can access the unicorn
  3. svp 3rd times a charm
  4. joepie nice chaf crit rekt freedom last turn
  5. Bought all can be closed.
  6. hi max dmg & max res 20-25m /w Veldin
  7. First time you get her under 75% she goes invuln for 3 turns. Then you need to get her under 50% and she goes invuln for 2 turns, on the 3rd turn after the 2nd invuln the combat should end. In this case 1) her glyph stayed & 2) she didn't die. Poutch dmg always comes through even if you're in pacifist state, don't think that was the problem. So far someone commented it might be because all mobs are dead.
  8. Hi Can someone explain what happened? More info in description.
  9. hi 800kk ea /w Veldin
  10. Who uses plum/eme muldo in PVP :^) Yeah it's definitely PVM oriented. I think I'll just go with the one I made. Thanks for the ideas tho
  11. basically, but with heals
  12. Looking for more than 27 crits, also worse dmg than current set
  13. hi I currently have http://dofp.la/vrIFk/ on eni (pls no judge) & looking to upgrade Im looking for either int/agi, int/cha or int/agi/cha (int main element) damage > heals > res basically So far I came up with http://dofp.la/Em3yl/ & http://dofp.la/daZzG/ If anyone has better suggestions please let me know