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  1. I don't want to screw you over bob but I will give you them for free
  2. As Graves mentioned above alignment quests will be needed at some point in the quest line. This tweet basically confirms it.
  3. Road to Glorious Battler.... Go! Panda/masq Enu/eni Iop/elio
  4. I've played the original divinity which has local coop and meets a lot of your requirements. You can have several characters You can drop & craft your gear Combat system similar to dofus: turn based, ap/mp, more tactical because it adds environmental & status effects that play a crucial role in the outcome of the fight Sometimes you need to drastically change your playstyle to beat certain bosses (I'm thinking of the use and placement of environmental effects for example or ) Has more of a storyline to it compared to dofus which is always a plus Easily in the top 5 of my all time favorite games, you should definitely check it out.
  5. giving the alts some love
  6. Good luck with your future endeavors Youb! You will be missed
  7. 100% dungeons!
  8. There's more!!!!
  9. Another video???? What sorcery is this
  10. Most of the quests that need clues in the new area are bugged atm, it's the same for "Forest Dragon". I read on official forums they will get fixed tuesday.
  11. Wait what???? A video
  12. youb just likes to be naked
  13. Although I haven't played in a few months, I've been lurking this thread for a quite a while. Viewed from a solo-account perspective or people who haven't completed the majority of the endgame content this nerf is more than welcome. First off the content becomes way more accessible to a broader selection of players and secondly you don't need a very specific team to beat it. A random composition with no planned strategy should be able to beat any endgame dungeon after the nerf. As for the multi-accounters who have beaten everything this update is "wow gtfo, keep it as it is". Which I perfectly understandable since prices will plummet and gear will become more available. Most of the multi-accounters still have one main char where they want to get max achievements on right ? (myself included) I'm not speaking for every multi-accounter here but the difficulty and optimization that was needed to complete these endgame achievements is what kept me going. I don't mind spending a month straight trying to do some duo or run 5 other dungeons to craft this set that's needed for a specific achiev. It's what's kept me hooked to the game for all these years. I understand that it's still an MMO and people shouldn't be running 8 accounts and "easily" beating todays new content. But Amakna has no restrictions regarding multi-accounting so why wouldn't you do it? These last years the population on the INT servers were on the bridge of extinction, GG trying to find a specific combo to beat X endgame dungeon. Although I don't agree with this solution since I still run a full team, the content will become more accessible, especially for solo-accounters which is definitely a step in the right direction to a real MMO. Alright to the bread and butter of this post. A perfect solution for this problem? is introducing stages of difficulties for each dungeon similar to the WoW raiding system (normal, heroic and mythic). For each difficulty mobs have more health, hit harder and have additional effects. These harder difficulties introduce more mats generated every time you beat it (1x boss resource, 5x boss resources, 10x boss resources). This way people can still beat the endgame dungeons on normal to craft stuff, complete quests or just do them for plain fun. In addition to that the people that do want a challenge or claim that top spot on the achievement ladder still have something to look forward to. Anyways pretty much my two cents on all this. PS:
  14. I want in on this