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  1. COme back bitch

  2. Old name : Neymar New name : Serkan
  3. I'd like to point out that I did explain why I didn't show up and that was one of my good mates died and my nan died a few days after, in my view I think that's a good enough reason why I couldn't show up, I had more things going on my mind than focus on dofus at that point. Anyway I'd like to wish everyone good luck for this years Goult!! Have fun. Neymar.
  4. Looks like its my time to go, after being hacked a few weeks back i haven't got the time to get the stuff what i had back so im just going to quit, may come back on every now and then but i doubt it, just like to say a big thank you for people who have helped me over the years ive played this game, they all no who they are! Cya everyone!
  5. I'm not the type of person to not turn up to Goult as many people no i like to PvP, but one of my mates has just pas away and a few other things have popped up so this is why i havent been able to play for goult, i'm not the type to apply for goult then not turn up i'd love to play but sorting things out IRL is more important to me than this. Sorry guys. Neymar.
  6. Gimme Vulbis Rev! :)
  7. All the best to people who are in Goult! Hopefully I may get 1 or 2 fights myself as I'm sub :)
  8. Sure, try catch me IG.
  9. Nah i can't sorry, i need 30m for it.
  10. Zay! don't leave me pleasee! :(
  11. Bump, wanting around 30m for the ring now.
  12. My Opinion would be a Enu/Panda/Rouge. Cra's cannot do as much damage as a Rouge can do and you can easily hit more then 1 target. It's not all about MP raping for PvM anyhow, it's mostly damage your looking for.
  13. Hey, as it says i'm selling an AP Nose Ring for around 30m depending what offers i get. 1AP 171 Vit 38 Int 31 Cha 28 Wis 3 CH 281 Ini 10% Earth Res 10+ Earth Res Thanks, Neymar. SOLD.
  14. Hey Shika, Before we know it, it's going to be going to be time for Goultarminator and last year wasn't really planned out well as i remember, maybe for this year we can try find players who are willing to try and go for Goultarminator and put a team of 4 together seeing who plays well with each other and what classes play well together. So name the people you think who deserves to be in it! I'll add my votes in another time. ~Neymar.