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  1. iop build: any PVM kamas and items unlimited, can get any exo or dofus in existence, but let's exclude vulbis looking for ideas
  2. Completely ignoring whether I like these changes or not, I find the whole notion "it's hard for solo accounters and requires multi" utterly stupid and simply not true. Having done all but 1 dungeon in the game as a single accounter, I know it's BS, just shifting the blame towards something else. There isn't any mechanic that really heavily favours multi accounters, good communication goes long way. Moving to opinions, I'm personally torn on this. I don't believe 'content should be accessible by everyone', because games should reward the time and effort put in. If everyone with little effort can get any item and complete any dungeon, they lose their 'endgame' feel. But I am all for nerfs that would allow different team compositions to succeed, more ways to beat a boss. With how restricting the mechanics in new dungeons are, you're pretty much forced into one strategy, and some particular teams have it so much easier it's funny. I'm not really saying 4 foggernauts should be able to beat Vortex, but having something that would allow for every class to shine, thus introduce more diversity, would be really cool. This is especially true for some 'duo' achievements. They are often completely out of your reach for your class.
  3. I'm definitely enjoying Un'goro so far, meta has been surprising me constantly, that's good. Haven't played that much, got to rank 4 but probably won't have enough time to grind legend this month. I've been mostly playing an aggro-ish mage, using a lot of burn and bit of secrets (arcanologist and medivh's valet are both great), and a little bit of taunt warrior, but that one got boring pretty fast. It's fun to play right now, there isn't any real oppressive deck, pirate warrior isn't that prevalent and quest rogue turned out not so great after all, while the rest isn't that bothersome to play against. Maybe except for Exodia mage but that deck is garbage.
  4. IDK what to go for on my iop, now that flinties are getting nerfed teroid axe, henual hammer and gigers all look pretty nice as weapons but the stats on them are pretty poor compared to 400 vit and stuff on flinties
  5. well that is bullshit because equipment can only do so much you won't be beating osas as an iop no matter how much money you put into your character actually half the classes won't be able to deal with osa
  6. why are they nerfing the weapons so much? Seems kinda unnecessary. I like my flinties :(
  7. I hate sufokia I hate diepwons I hate trydes and I hate water by now too
  8. what is the best way to go for the 12th AP? 7 base, amulet, set bonus(or shaker), ochre and exo mage puts me at 11 jackanapes is out of consideration, total garbage xa cloak still limits you to 5mp but the stat pay-off is actually quite okay kwyness lets you have 6mp, but has the biggest stat price which do you believe is the best option, specifically for iop? or is there anything else I missed limbo wand or losing weapon in general is not an option
  9. Class: IopBuild: Str/Int, Str/Agi or Str/Int/Agi - looking for any ideaKamas/time available: unlimited, every item in the game is in my reachLvl range: 200Extra comments: 12/5 or 12/6, as much damage with earth spells as possible while keeping at least one of fire/air strong tooPvP or PvM oriented: PVM
  10. Meh, it's pretty poor. I could accept these stats with 6mp, but with 5mp my current one is bit better xa and jackanapes are both so limiting :X
  11. Level 200 STR/INT IOP budget: everything besides vulbis, AP and MP exos included 12 AP, 5 or 6MP, preferably without jackanapes 4000hp and decent res + as much damage as possible open to all ideas I have ap bearbaric band so preferably sticking to this
  12. I've been good this year Santa!
  13. Finally! Took us few days. I know it might be nothing impressive nowadays but we did have some problems and when he finally died ;3 happiness
  14. I play iop, str/int here is my gear http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/community/directories/character-pages/399495001001-kiryuin/characteristics took me a while to get it all, ap maged ring and shit and still, I feel my damage is severely lacking what can I do to improve it without changing most of the set I'm thinking of replacing hat with something else (king playa/rassler?) and getting some str/int ring in place of Broucey, but I'm kinda lost I'm slowly working towards my ochre, if I get it will probably replace Xa's cloak with something else as well any suggestions?
  15. I'm looking for any tips or possibly some more detailed help with doing Nileza. Yeah, I know, old dungeon, but our team has been doing stuff from scratch and it's not very easy for us. The team is Str/Int Iop, Chance Panda, Int/Agi Eniripsa and Omni Cra, but our gear isn't really great.