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  1. Heya everybody! As the description says, we were once pros on the italian server, before quitting about 3y ago. In the past few months we came back to the game and restarted from scratch on Rushu. Returning after a long time is always fun, but we were looking for something challenging so we decided to take on frigost 3 before 160 and in particular to do it running a full team of 8. Well, here you are: Nileza down! PS: It makes sense to note that the transfer service is not available from national to international, meaning the team we run now is very far from optimized, as the only help we could ever get from our old stuff is infinite subscription/livitems and such.
  2. Well, the masq just spends his turns shielding and buffing while the iop does all the job, no healing weapons involved :)
  3. Dammit, am I late? D: Iop + Masq Iop, Masq, Feca, Eni, Panda
  4. I thought about that too, but then decided I'd rather keep the crits and have higher res%.. About 1370 str out of the cities and add 106 power not shown, 1/2 everything and decent resistances: 12/5 is terribly overrated B-)
  5. I'm not really good at the french, but from what I could understand he starts explaining the situation and how DDOS works in general. Then ofc says he's really pissed, he keeps repeating something like 'this Goult is completely falsed (by DDOS)' and at the end I'm kinda sure he declares he's not gonna play the last fight.http://forums.jeuxonline.info/showthread.php?t=1231053&page=18 Here you can find frenchies discussing about what happened, it starts somewhere between page 14 and 16, ofc its in french but you can still easily understand that most of them are criticizing Ule A behaviour (their refusal of a rematch vs Men A and their decision to not play the 3rd place final too seriously).
  6. Gz Rushu, well done really, and thanks for the 2k kajols I had bet on your win :D I particularly liked Vikin going mono int and dealing real raw damage as an iop should, I was incredibly bored of all those copy-paste frenchies always omni with bearbaric+treadfast and then hitting 1700 on wrath, 250 on concentration. Gl vs Menalt now :P
  7. True, yet I fail at finding any other explanation to the ability gap between this and last year. Especially since we're not talking about yesterday's fight only, they didn't shine in all 3 and I don't think we can entirely blame the team composition, which still I agree to define kinda lame.
  8. Hehe, don't underestimate that italian team! Still I saw it live and both dazed and fahrell looked kinda nub which I really find hard to explain considering last year performances, maybe neither of them was the awesome "brain" of 2012's hecate A and they just mostly did what they were told to.
  9. What kind of sorcery is this??
  10. Yeah was editing :P
  11. I guess livis hide da cloak and cb headdress
  12. Lost my shit at 1422 Ra Vis
  13. Isn't that trophy making Treadfast set a bit pointless?
  14. http://dofusbook.net/perso/Sader/Noppdue-1.html That's what I'm aiming for on my pvm iop atm, I like the possibility to change weapon when needed and I plan to go for armoured DT once I manage to MP mage some of the new pieces in order to counter the res malus of the hat