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  1. This is just beautiful.
  2. #TeamTynril
  3. So I was toying around on dofusplanner attempting to make a chance/omni huppermage build, and I ended up with something along the lines of this: http://dofp.la/B5luM/. I like the crit rate and the overall damage output, but was wondering if there could be any improvements? Or if you have a favorite set of yours I'd love to know about it! I'm kind of at a loss for endgame hupper builds, so I'm open to all ideas. Thank you in advance for any comments and advice.
  4. What happened to Forgotten Empire?? I logged in and there's a new leader, and the topic on imps is supposed to be deleted? I cri
  5. I'd go str/intel. The intel spells have a high base damage so it's easy to hit decent with those spells with much less investment than the str ones.
  6. Possibly charging up a celestial sword?
  7. I've been good this year Santa!
  8. Anyone know what equipment the osa uses?
  9. bored

    Odd, I was just thinking about how much I hate fighting Eni's and Eca's so much. Why though? Because their main damage buffs have a one turn cool down. And with the Coney/self heals and enough resists respectively, the downsides to these buffs are minimal. Is there a reason decisive word can't be unbewitched either? I know WoF can and that's all well and good. But Unbewitchable 25 damage and 250power for 3 turns goodgame. Also smell makes me mad. It gets you in, then I think oh 3mp drawback HAH felines leap (catnip now?). Bam in your grill again. Don't even get me started on Eca's luck... I would fight Osa's all day in kolo, but these two make me groan every time I see them. Pvm-wise the new 170 worm family. They aren't crazy strong, but they are ugly as hell and are just generally annoying with invisibility, reflects, attraction, rooted, and aoe. Probably never stepping foot in that area again. Probably some more pvm stuff but nothing like this new hatred for those dumb ass worms. Also I agree, fuck barkritters
  10. But the tofu fusion is so cool...
  11. It's never risky to buy WaWa.
  12. I watched the first four episodes and even though the art is great, I can't get over how bad the episodes have been. I couldn't get hooked on it at all, maybe I should try to watch a little bit more. It felt like a generic anime to me, with annoying characters and fan service. But the theme song is top tier.
  13. Class: OsaBuild: OmniKamas/time available: Not too much kamas, but have some time. Currently no exos/ochreCurrent team: Enu, Cra, Iop, HupperLvl range: 200Extra comments: Looking for a decently affordable omni set with a minimum of 5 summons, close to 20% resists or more, and 11/6 or 12/5. Currently looking at something like this: http://dofp.la/737RF/ but I'm unsure if: a) it's not even a good set or b) the amount I would spend on it I should just save for a set with exos/ochre etc. If omni osa's aren't that great then I'm also open to any other ideas, as I just came back from a break and wasn't able to figure out what was the best over Beta. PvP or PvM oriented: PvM/Kolo, no hardcore Pvp
  14. I've been told I play a decent one in kolo :p I know they aren't the best class but they are super fun to play personally.