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  1. I'm about to roll three new characters on solar, but i only get an hour or two to play each day. I'm literally naming them all right now so i'll update this post when they're all sorted. Edit: Chrysantha, Beardley and Sherwood.
  2. Thanks for your reply Vcent. Good to hear that Osa/Panda has potential. Does a Panda's agi affect his Wasta's, or does it just scale with spell/character level? Thinking about it i don't really like many of the main damage dealing classes; Iops, Ecas, Srams. I'd be choosing between Sac/Rogue for the last slot so I'm gonna try find out if pandas CAN throw bombs, that sounds pretty neat. I'm guessing rogues are going to do a bit better than sacs with the next update so that's another point to consider.
  3. Thinking of starting a new team of three. So far all i have in mind is an Int Osa for heals/buffs, and because I've never played one, then i was thinking of a Panda, but i'm not sure of what element. Given those two characters what would you suggest as a third? Ideally i'd like them to be able to handle most dungeons by themselves as well as standing a chance when it comes to kolo, although that might be asking for a bit much. And if you're of the opinion that Osa/Panda/X isn't the way to go please feel free to suggest something else, although i'm not overly fond of Masqs or Foggers at the moment. Haven't tried Rogue yet, would Osa/Panda/Rogue work? I've also been thinking of something like a Sadi/Enu/Cra triplet. Keep them at rage and pewpew. From what i've read the Sadi can also be a source of heals with their tree and inflatable, right?
  4. "Fights should be won on a battlefield, not in a smithmagic workshop." Run for office, this is your slogan. I'm voting for you.
  5. This needs more attention. It really is not a lot of work to add one category into the trade section and call it something like "Travelling Purchases" so that people stop spamming the ever loving shit out of individual server sections.
  6. Thinking of Panda, Fog, Masq + 1. Not sure who to fill the last slot with though, Maybe a sac?
  7. Not necessarily for spite, read the ToS for your ankama account, there's most likely a clause in there that covers this sort of thing and explains what their procedures are.
  8. Which classes will benefit most from these changes? (Cras? Masquaroodles?) Which classes are going to be the most negatively affected? (Poor sacs) Which classes are going to ignore the changes and continue spamming living chest?
  9. Who the flying fuck thought Leicester would be a good place to have a "NORTH" England meetup. Leicester is closer to France than it is to Scotland. Anything below Sheffield shouldn't even be considered and Manchester is clearly less of a ballache to get to. Assuming people voting actually live in the North.
  10. 97
  11. Thanks for the reply Vcent, went with a second iop.
  12. There are no goalies in rugger, what you talkin' bout.
  13. Theoretical Team of 4. Currently thinking of an Eni + Cra as the core, then either a Iop + Panda or two Iops. Eni will be heals, Cra will start off with a funky damage/leach build until it hits 80/90 then it will be Slow Down/Explosive spam, the first Iop will be a leecher Celestial spammer. For the last slot i can't decide between a str Iop or a Str panda so any insight that would expedite my decision would be greatly appreciated. Also when would a str panda be better off spamming vulns than attacking.
  14. Bahahahaha ^
  15. ^ You jelly?