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  1. WHAT I HAVE: 200 sac agi eni 170 full heal Panda leech. WHAT I WANT: 1 more class looking for dmg class.. Cra/Iop/eca or something other Mainly pvm playing
  2. Sac <3
  3. Hello, Looking for Duo for my 200 Sac. For now, because my pc can only run up to 2/3 accounts, I'd like to make a good duo capable of clearing stuff up to f3 and maybe even some dimension stuff. Later on I'll try to turn that into a 3 man team Sac with X could be? Thanks for answer
  4. Make a Sadi and them go Sram/Sadi/Eni
  5. go Iop/Fogg or Sram/Sadi
  6. Hello, i on level 199 my fogg. I decided to make a some duo for only pvm gaming. Like: -quest's -dung's -mostly achi how will work's on pvm thanks for help!
  7. sorry, too much % ^^
  8. Hello,
  9. Hello! Want a add 2 more characters to my Sadi to make few of part a endgame dungeons! Thanks for answer
  10. Just need a build for my hupper when i will be playing duo. Panda chance /int or pure int? Mabye full Agi? Or full int with healbow? And a build for hupper- thinking about str/int or some mono build?
  11. Hello, I have a quick question for you. I currently have hupper at 18X chance/ int. I decided to create the next and final form. It will be a Pandawa. I wonder on this build, you lords and use and I think that chciałym that was used to vulm / throwing / healing A typical hupper the damage, so: str / int? or agi / int? or some pure mono? Build typically pvm relatively rarely any kolizeum. Thank you for your time BB
  12. What I Have 189 Fogg What I Want Number of New Accts: 2 Goal:so, I want to be able to adapt my Fogg +making 2 new chars on the existing accounts. I can run dungeons..1 acc must be a dmg dealer second? but second? Dont know
  13. Good Question..i too wanna heard an answer from user's or how maximize your budget playing solo..quests?mats? P2P cost around 1mk per 7 days..for a normal solo player is expensive i think
  14. Hello I want buy a leeching services in this saturday (21.01). Paymanet: Kamas Lv's: From 141-154 Area: Frigost/Pirate's> accept souls too. Time: 21.01 it's saturday, i will be online 7mp to 1-3pm (GMT+1) Pm! Thanks
  15. Welcome Back a like ten months i finished a play in shika, now i get a great presest from my friends at rushu.. It was a fully scroll character, i was playing a multi accs but now i want play at only 1 acc Now questnios for us..dearly players, forum users.. Build: Str/Chance Fogg or cra- mostly solo