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Everything posted by Topmaster

  1. Beta wont be open today, they announced on Twitter
  2. i need to borrow your piwi sets then :))
  3. hi coopers welcome to dofus; if you have any questions about the game, dont hesitate to ask me. I can even give you tips on how to beat gobbal dungeon without dying ^_^
  4. Any info about the new ornaments?
  5. Wait what, frigost 4?
  6. We've been on the same server for 10 years but i BARELY came across you .. why you do this to me??
  7. hi

  8. I wasn't sure where to create this topic so feel free to move it if there is a better section for this. I'm looking to buy paddocks of 12+ places in the Breeder village on otomai island. I'm also willing to trade these paddocks for a paddock on another location. Price depends on amount of spots and the average of those for sale.
  9. Np friend, happens to the best of us
  10. I think it's been more than a year since everyone hit 12,000 score, so here's a small update since most of them hit the 14,000 point The only one running a bit behind is osa, still (missing almanax and frigost gatherings)
  11. I am not using those autowin mechanics because i think they are stupid. Back in the day I fought vortex with a legit strategy but i gave up after a few weeks because the reward wasnt worth the time and effort i put in it. As bob said, people use those autowin mechanics because they are mostly lazy and want to get through content in the easiest way possible. In my eyes, achievements are little projects you put time in only knowing you are making progress. And that is not the case when you're trying to get past bosses like Vortex and Catseye
  12. I'm aware of that .. the problem is that as soon as they announce that abusive way nerf, those players use 2-3 weeks (while beta is in testing period) to leech their alts through. So that doesn't really solve the problem
  13. I could be wrong but i think 90% of the "top pvm" players completed those dungeons by studying youtube videos of players finding a way to abuse the fight. Ever heard of the Autowin videos? That isnt really an accomplishment in my eyes ..
  14. A much needed update imo. When you want to play the game to relax a bit but instead you spend 3 hours on a evening to take a few tries on an endgame dungeon, while progressing nothing, thats not the point of the game for me.
  15. Topmaster, i choose you
  16. I need help! From one day to another i cannot paddocks anymore. Neither public ones nor privates. When I hover my mouse over the paddocks door, there's just no popup screen to acces/sell it! Anybody else has/had this issue? It happened a few days after the release of 2.40. I tried clearing the cache but that doesn't help.
  17. Make kralove great again! Since 2.40 :')
  18. you're rich af anyway
  19. Compensation tokens? oh yeah thats really what i'm waiting for! Might aswell just give muldo generation 8 pures kthx
  20. bob is jealous dont listen to him
  21. Well well who we have here ! Get an eca as strong as mine and you can solo all donjons :)))
  22. Nice changes, might aswell add vulbis quest already thx
  23. WOW i skipped colousses cat blitzkrieg cuz i had longe range laison XDDDDD