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  1. Make kralove great again! Since 2.40 :')
  2. you're rich af anyway
  3. Compensation tokens? oh yeah thats really what i'm waiting for! Might aswell just give muldo generation 8 pures kthx
  4. I need help! From one day to another i cannot paddocks anymore. Neither public ones nor privates. When I hover my mouse over the paddocks door, there's just no popup screen to acces/sell it! Anybody else has/had this issue? It happened a few days after the release of 2.40. I tried clearing the cache but that doesn't help.
  5. bob is jealous dont listen to him
  6. Well well who we have here ! Get an eca as strong as mine and you can solo all donjons :)))
  7. Nice changes, might aswell add vulbis quest already thx
  8. WOW i skipped colousses cat blitzkrieg cuz i had longe range laison XDDDDD
  9. I've been good this year Santa! free stuff thx
  10. 2 down, 6 to go hh hashtag14kscore
  11. bobeur n°1 confirmed
  12. omg coopers cheater de francais :)
  13. where is my part of the money ???
  14. today: SNYLER has unlocked the achievement Tal Kasha (Score 230). today: SNYLER has unlocked the achievement Tal Kasha (Score 300). yesterday: SNYLER has unlocked the achievement Tal Kasha (Focus). not bad