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  1. Well i am also happy that we're getting free access to all spells, but thats not my point. I just have a problem with the stuff they are offering to fix the market value of kolossokens. They are like "if every player purchases one skeleton harness than it should be ok". These new livitinems could be perfect to put in the market for kolossokens ..
  2. The arrogance of announcing new cosmetic items in subscriptions while offering useless overpriced harness' as compensation for the lost spell points or the little rewards for omega levels ... is too damn high. You can see selling ogrines and subscription is alot more important than satisfying your players for what they ask.
  3. There is noone but yourself who can answer that question. We dont know which classes you would like to play
  4. Go to your class temple and start the short quest there that sends you to the gods dimension; finishing it will give you this:
  5. The description says its only activated by movements from enemies, but also mentions that pandas carry activates it? Only by enemy pandas then?
  6. There are some nice changes but overall im really disappointed on alot of nerfs .. they broke alot of things that are perfectly fine imo.
  7. Are you all lvl 200? It says "characters of level 150 or above will no longer be attacked by the majority of the classic monsters". Isn't that good or am i understanding something wrong? (yes i read the changelog).
  8. Second one with 16k :D
  9. on a scale from edgy to super fun .. how is it?
  10. More to follow in the upcoming weeks!
  11. Care-bear48 weakest player of echo confirmed
  12. Beta wont be open today, they announced on Twitter
  13. i need to borrow your piwi sets then :))