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  1. /w eretyr or gato-gato ok
  2. So we have actually discussed this already. You should see a difference for axes soon. However because we don't currently distinguish between the AoE damage of the other 3, we aren't currently planning on it.
  3. very strat
  4. So for this quest you have to start a quest in the ouginak temple (no idea what the english name of it is sorry) that takes you to kerub and then you do a bunch of other stuff, it's fairly easy. Once you've finished that quest (you will get a sequel immediately upon finishing but you don't have to do it) head to the bonta market place and there is an npc up at the top of the map who will give you the new quest.
  5. My top tip is to do it with 4 iops, was easy as shit that way.
  6. He only had 1 breeding on that one iirc. You can breed them so that they are pure with >1 breedings but it's more aids to do
  7. Forgemagie The weights of the following effects are reduced (30 => 15):% Damage melee,% Damage distance,% Spell Damage,% Weapon Damage,% Melee Resistance,% Resistance Distance. Shields The value of certain effects is reduced in order to facilitate their forgemagy: Honeycomb Shield: Fire Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. Mixed damage: 16 to 20% => 11 to 15%. Damage to the spells: -14% => -9% Water Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. Dodge AP: 16 to 20 => 16 to 25. Diverted: Fire Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. Air Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. Vitality: 150 to 200 => 201 to 250 Carapar: Air Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25 Fire resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. Water Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. Dodge Rating: 11 to 15 => 16 to 20 Earth Dial: Earth Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25 Dial of Fire: Fire Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25 Air Dial: Air Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25 Water Dial: Water Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25 Pandawa Shield: Neutral Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25. Weapon damage: 11 to 15% => 8 to 11%. Spell damage: -10% => -6% Shield of the Brigandins: Earth Resistance: 31 to 40 => 16 to 25 Shield Cubist: Damage distance: 16 to 20% => 11 to 15%. Spell damage: -14% => -9%. Withdrawal PM: 16 to 20 => 11 to 15 Shield Tavern: Spell damage: 11 to 15% => 8 to 11%. Damage distance: -10% => -6% Shield Sadida: Damage to the spells: 11 to 15% => 7 to 9%. Damage distance: -9% => -5% Shield Aerdala: Weapon damage: 9 to 12% => 5 to 6%. Spell damage: -6% => -4% Shield of the Bawbawe: Damage of arms: 4 to 6% => 3 to 4%. Spell Damage: -4% => -2% Sacrier Poison Chest: The PM bonus at the time of the chastisement is removed. In total, on the 3 rounds, the Châtiment Véloce only provides 1 PM. Xelor The range of Teleportation returns to 5 at level 6 of the spell. Eniripsa The skill value of Word of Youth at level 6 if the caster is in the Decisive state is now 5% (up from 3% before). Various If a character tries to use a firepower potion without owning a house, it is notified of the impossibility of teleporting by displaying an error message in the chat window. It is no longer possible to use apostrophes for the names of characters (they were sources of problems of display). The maximum number of consecutive special characters for character names, guilds and alliances is now set to 1. The visual effects of the Razof Account spells are displayed correctly. In the chat interface, automatic scrolling (messages that go up as soon as a new message is received) remains active as long as the scroll bar is positioned at the bottom and there is no text selection in Courses. In addition, when automatic scrolling is not active, if new messages are received, an exclamation mark appears to the right of the input field to inform the player.
  8. Shields: The bonuses of the Cycloid's shield are corrected: the value of % ranged damage decreases to 11 to 15 (instead of 16 to 20). Some shields are not compatible with Mimibiotes, this problem is corrected. Quests: In the quest "Shyriiwook", in the fight against the hunters, the disposition of the plots of placement at the beginning of combat is no longer random. The victory against the hunters is well taken into account. It is no longer necessary to speak twice to the NPC Coqueline to validate the quest "The waltz of the textbooks". Classes: The spell 'surpuissante' correctly takes mp from characters equipped with a Cawotte Dofus. The range of the Xelor Dial is no longer modifiable and passes to 3, 3, 3, 4 and 5 at levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the spell. The zone of effect of the Temporal Paradox type returns to 4 sqaures. Various: Several music could be played simultaneously on the island of Coqueline, this problem is corrected. The bags of fish now weigh 100 pods instead of 150. In the fourth room of the Hunters Dungeon, the placement plots for the characters were too few, the problem is corrected.
  9. Fire Dial is AP resistance not dodge:
  10. I'm wearing in this screenshot
  11. Ok so everything from the new update should be more or less added or amended. You may notice that the new % resistances have not been added, we don't have that available yet and need to decide what to do with them still so you'll have to deal with that for now. Also % melee dam/% range dam have been added as % final damage, which is all good except it turns out that they quite often cancel each other out, apologies for that. Will be working on a more elegant fix for that. Aside from those issues let me know if there are any incorrect stats, etc. Also if someone has been testing the new sac, could they confirm the number of times that the new fury self buff + dmg stuff stacks? I'm assuming it's 9.
  12. There are new runes for the new stats present on shields: Also some dude posted this on JoL containing all the recipes for new shields https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15MaL_Y3S1d-6bCIBmHMXfux02EsIRD4WHrN5TNW9UDs/edit#gid=0
  13. Well you can exo them so....