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  1. Fire Dial is AP resistance not dodge:
  2. I'm wearing in this screenshot
  3. Ok so everything from the new update should be more or less added or amended. You may notice that the new % resistances have not been added, we don't have that available yet and need to decide what to do with them still so you'll have to deal with that for now. Also % melee dam/% range dam have been added as % final damage, which is all good except it turns out that they quite often cancel each other out, apologies for that. Will be working on a more elegant fix for that. Aside from those issues let me know if there are any incorrect stats, etc. Also if someone has been testing the new sac, could they confirm the number of times that the new fury self buff + dmg stuff stacks? I'm assuming it's 9.
  4. There are new runes for the new stats present on shields: Also some dude posted this on JoL containing all the recipes for new shields https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15MaL_Y3S1d-6bCIBmHMXfux02EsIRD4WHrN5TNW9UDs/edit#gid=0
  5. Well you can exo them so....
  6. I'll aim to get everything on dofusplanner by the end of the weekend, but don't hold me to it if I don't get round to it
  7. 16k ornament fancy af
  8. I'll look into that today All fixed now
  9. You should run dungeons and sell materials
  10. We are always looking for ways to improve performance. Feel free to let me know if there are specific areas that are slower than others.
  11. ST did it better
  12. Personally, 60-70mk is probably not that far wrong. It's a time consuming questline that contains enough awkward solo fights that it's not possible to just breeze through with a well geared team like with dimensions and it's somewhat harder to obtain multiple than just running through the same dungeon X number of times on alts you did all quests with before because the solo fights require some tinkering in strategy depending on class. You've also got to remember that there are probably fewer people who did abyssal questline than cloudy given that at initial release the item wasn't really tempting for those who weren't just doing it for the achieves or the bragging rights.