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  1. Bump, decided I will keep going with breeding achieves for gatogatobestioponrushuhhhgdjkxusux albeit much less try hard than before but will still have lots of mounts so pm me if interested.
  2. pls you know i do for you anyway
  3. The enclosures Last week was relatively chaotic, whether it was for you and your gaming experience if you needed your mounts, only for us, by dint of tripping over mishaps and failing in our correction attempts. I hope that you will still be able to enjoy a minimum of XP double day. I have raised a few questions and concerns, and offer some answers below, but I agree that I may have omitted some of them, so I invite you to share them in this thread if you wish. I want to advise in advance that I will not necessarily respond afterwards, but I will take note of your feedback. To explain the series of events: - On Tuesday, there was the bug escaping the wild mounts as they passed in stable, as well as the number of birth capped to a newborn, we blocked the pens to avoid you losing your mounts. (Fixed from Wednesday) - Friday, detection of a bug in the management interface of the frames, which involved the duplication of a certificate in a rare case and edge effects, which a few players abused, we blocked the enclosures to avoid That this is taking a possible large scale, although unlikely. - Yesterday we decided to postpone the transfer of the characters, due to concerns raised by some players, about recovering their frames in time, since the blockage was effective until the extinction of the servers this morning. Initially, we anticipated this migration the next day, but the delay is too short to allow all players waiting to interact with their enclosures. It's all or nothing policy, of course we had some messages to ask us to pass them during today's maintenance, but what if another person also wished it did not have The opportunity to touch our words or that she felt our final decision, one part would complain (not without reason, I agree) not to be migrated while another would be. Even worse if we had arbitrarily transferred everyone, without taking into account this request. We listen to you, but alas all do not speak, then for those who remain in silence, it is so for this time, but I hope and remains convinced that you will find how to fill this week! Where everything starts: I imagine you are aware that we are preparing for the merger of servers for the month of April. The tragic series of events follows the redesign of the system of enclosures relating to the multiple instantiation, but also to the system of data processing relating to frames, as well as the sending of transfer messages and errors, That you have noticed / notice during your interactions in pens. There have been enormous changes that should have remained invisible, but which have been tackled in the face with all these problems. Hoping we can not get back to it! News of the day: - The maintenance is finally taking place today and not tomorrow, since no problem has been noted since the proposed fix for the bugs of the enclosures. Enclosures should be unblocked this morning. - You have until March 7 to access again your enclosures, in order to make disappear the status "Abandoned, soon put back on sale". - Players who have lost wild horses (in the stable) are kindly requested to contact the Support, no mass treatment is provided on this subject. If you are undertaking the procedure, please specify (where possible) the location of the affected pens, and for each type of mount and quantity. We will check to see if you have accessed your enclosure in the presence of this leakage bug (14/02 only) and if you have lost wildlife. For your information, here is what I shared in the last few days (twitter). Sunday Info: - Fixed the internally finalized bug bug. Testers to switch on now! Monday Info: - The miscarriage period of your frames will be extended by 7 days, in order to compensate for the losses caused by blocking the pens! (Validity until maintenance next week.) - We hope to be able to return your certificates expired during this period of blocking enclosures from next week! (Mass treatment requires more time than yesterday.) - The origin of the ghost frames has been found, enjoy their company as long as there is still time! (Fix this visual bug during maintenance next week.) - Character migration is shifted to next week, so players can retrieve their mounts beforehand.
  4. Just a head's up, Killer is away atm also no one can access paddocks atm anyway
  5. Thanks for that, I will sort those out tomorrow
  6. Ouginak spells should now all be added, albeit in French. If they are in English in game please let me know and I will add them in.
  7. Yeah paddocks scammed people and also you were able to class change to ouginak this morning
  8. Pm me ingame, I've still yet to finish this on one char.
  9. Jk I didn't even read which thread this was huehuehuehue, get scammed and enjoy the bug
  10. The chat scrolling thing is a known issue, will be fixed next update I believe
  11. And editing posts
  12. I think it's time to stop with the 1.29 stuff because it's gone off topic quite a lot, it's fairly obvious that less sets means less diversity, and I would guess that most people playing on 1.29 currently are those who played there before so are well aware of this and also know that the meta was to have the few end game items with as many exos as possible and therefore do not require a set creator device at all. I would actually like to return to the comments about rogue bomb wall damage and point out that we could theoretically do rogue bomb walls with just 3 non buffed bombs, but that is not going to ever happens in game (if you don't get why, go class change to iop). Or we could do 3 buffed bombs, but then someone would ask for last breath damage too, Maybe someone wants some with powder or some with countdown or some with rogue getting buffs from everything else. There is too much variability in bomb wall damage and if you are at all proficient in your rogue playing (to the point where you actually require a degree of calculation regarding the bomb wall damage) then you should know roughly how much damage your rogue can do in relation to resists. I don't want to sound like a complete martyr, but there are very few of us who work on this, and we have a lot else going on and it's not a quick task to add in a load of data. It's far more important that things like a new class and/or new sets are added, than we waste our time adding something that only a few people are going to use (in the case of both 1.29 sets and rogue bomb walls) As another aside, I appreciate people like Youb giving set advice but the rest of the endless irrelevant chat about 1.29 stuff would be better suited for the 1.29 threads already existing.
  13. Hi please stop asking for 1.29 items, I don't want to have to input them all thanks
  14. Dw 1.29 means a return to 1.29 level of communication