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  1. Hi link to OF comments I mentioned: http://forum.dofus.com/fr/1588-gamakna/2208421-esport-dofus-2017?page=2#entry11731698 Cba to translate hf
  2. There should be some responses posted on the french OF tonight about the pvp/esport stuff
  3. So I've had a quick read of it and thought I would just relay a few things: Dimensions - there is no obligation for them to do one for every one of the gods, but there is nothing stopping them and it's possible that they could still be released. Server fusion - looking to stabilise the population of them, important to conserve paddocks/houses Dungeons - a few ideas such as ditch team search and create something like they have for kolo + other things that could make more class combos viable They aren't planning on any major class reworks, looking more at small changes to balancing Looks like only one of the remaining 2 primordial dofus will be added this year, other to come next year probably 200+ to come towards the end of the year, to ensure that they have time to sound out ideas Esport A tournament running in March, the usual ign cosmetic rewards and a 3000 euro cash prize Another from July-November split into 3 phases, cash prize as well no amount confirmed RIP Goult, 2016 was the last one. Instead there will be more competitions spread out over the year. Wanting to turn it into more season like competition instead of just one month of elimination rounds. Competitions will be 3vs3 and not have the same type of class selection as present in goult There's plenty more in there but I've just picked out a few things for now. I'm sure an english version will appear soon
  4. You can basically do everything with panda enu elio iop as a base. If I were you I would throw in either an eca or an eni and then your last spot will be your sram.
  5. Given you've not been around for a while, osa has completely changed and bears no resemblance to the old osa.
  6. This weekend will be the next dungeon rusher event, this time it's Korri. https://twitter.com/DOFUS_EN/status/821483719965937664/photo/1
  7. non h your trash get used
  8. Hi, I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I have many seemyools of diff generations and get much random junk each day. I can sell breedable and non-breedable I sell at same prices as bobeur so don't think you can pm me after pm edgy for cheap price (jk I'm happy to scam him huehuehue) I'm not gonna post a list of prices because the market varies so rapidly, but prices will be based on that. Theoretically you can order something but given I don't have a stock of pures there is a strong degree of randomness so time scale could vary. /w eretyr or gato-gato EDIT: I sell all for 420 kamas less than killer, dank prices only
  9. What was said above is pretty good, but this really should have been in the what team... thread
  10. So the Ouginak class is nearly upon us it seems as there is going to be a playtest held at Ankama on 27 Jan Technically there's nothing stating that it's for the French only but let's face it, it probably is given that they are going to cover costs (international travel cost more etc etc) and is only on the french site. Anyway there is the opportunity to win 2 places on it, although I get the feeling there are more who have been invited, but may be wrong. This thread is to serve as a heads up for this and once we have more info as a place to discuss what we find out. http://www.dofus.com/fr/mmorpg/actualites/news/622024-playtest-ouginak-invites
  11. can confirm bobeur is grande scammeur, 100% would use again
  12. Iop fits in nicely for basically everything in pvm and is good for pvp too. Pvp it's not what I would view as top tier (hi osa) but is still good. For pvm it's still a pillar class so definitely works well. I can't think of anything where having an iop is ever going to be a liability, I play stuff weirdly sometimes and use iop in a support role to super buff rogue for bomb wall, but even then I'd much rather have an iop than most other classes. Also most people don't play their iop like that so you don't need to worry about it
  13. I've had some in treekholo canopy (canopy village only though iirc) and on sakai. I'd also agree with all the rest of Quad's missing list except for dimensions. When they were released you could get hunts in enurado which gave x4 rewards, but then they were removed either the following update or the one after, I can't remember.