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  1. i take you np
  2. If "View adjacent map" is disabled, the black bands noninteractive remains after the restart the game client BLACK BARS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!! Explosive Arrow: The AP cost increases to 5 The maximum number of shots per round goes to 1. The damage is increased. The retry interval is shared among all allies Cra. We applied these changes Cras to reduce the offensive potential by too much area they had in PVM and PVP (particularly when several Cras were present on the same team). and fuck me
  3. hi im splash lord also 8 noob dofus but w/e
  4. get all monster hp to 0
  5. micshana joined guild ^________^
  6. recruitment is over, ty for all who join
  7. you can "/w dyprax pls can i have kamas" only works for rushu server
  8. hi i help you ok you go to tavern and talk to npc, he sell you beer talk not buy ok
  9. why video stopped there?? i wanted to see what happens next
  10. pls mummy state is best dommage could have done more dommage but 3 busy make screen 5 play Edit: water dommage is mummy dommage in case you dont get it ok pls they die when end turn