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  1. 100% breeding :). I cannot begin to tell how happy I am right now haha, after months of consistent breeding it's finally over! Now I only have vortex impertinence left for 100% achievements ._.
  2. A seemyool that has the "load bearer" ability twice. I have been breeding for quite a while now and this is the first time I've gotten one with a double ability so I assume this is pretty rare? I breed for achievements and not for abilities so this happened by accident but I still think it's pretty cool :)
  3. Koutoulou limp + score + ornament :)
  4. 100% on quests. Not super impressive but I'm still very happy with it nonetheless :). Finishing up dungeons and breeding is next!
  5. I love this so much. No better way to show how ridiculous the dungeons are than to completely destroy them. Great video as always!
  6. By saying "making the dungeons easier to understand" they actually meant "removing literally every aspect of the dungeons that is remotely difficult"
  7. Understandable (and probably even a needed) change for pvp since those heals can be ridiculous, but a little sad for someone like me who only uses osa for PvM. I don't have an eni so I use int mode mainly for heals. This encourages int osas even more to go full resistance which is pretty boring to me. Cra update looks cool though. Long range erosion is interesting :o
  8. Finally completed fantastic 5 :)
  9. Finally I can get my abyssal dofus :)
  10. yea but it isn't anymore in the beta
  11. Waw the nerf on duster is pretty severe. Didn't have the 100% best set to test it out but on 5 tofus the damage is about half of what I used to get, and on 12 tofus its still he same as what I used to get on 4 tofus.
  12. It works on trydes, and in dimension dungs it's also very useful (kamasterisk, and terristocrats for example). But yea some mobs can ignore it for some reason.
  13. They must mean Grofus instead of Dotrich
  14. It was fun while it lasted haha. We will need to wait and see how much duster will get changed (and maybe they will finally fix it not triggering mob effects lol). The cooldown on tofu swapping is a bigger nerf in my opinion, altough more range on it could make it still very good.
  15. Nah one of them is full mp red, because we don't have an enu.