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  1. I've only gotten to know you since we joined INT ( which was about a year ago) but in that time I have gained so much respect for you. You have been a role model for me (and many others), not only as an amazing player but also as a great guild leader and person. You were always prepared anwser my (sometimes stupid) questions, no matter what topic and I want to thank you for that :). It's sad to see you go but I wish you the best with whatever you want to do now, you deserve it!
  2. Osa lived with 37 hp, sadi died because he went full damage in the last turn :).
  3. Bought a jammy jack glove exo instead so topic can be closed :)
  4. Ow sorry, totally forgot. My budget for the pieces is about 15-30 mk (to be negociated).
  5. Looking to buy either an Allister Hat or Allister Boots, with an AP or MP exo mage :)
  6. I've been rolling with this http://dofp.la/lOZJK/. It's not the worlds greatest omni set but I could get it relatively cheaply and it has served me well so far. It has no exo's which really helps keeping the price down :p.
  7. I probably worded that badly, my hupper is omni because the int/str combo has a really cool synergy for pvm that is comparable to panda vulnerability. I use agi and cha if I want to do a lot of damage though.
  8. I've been using a hupper for pvm, and so far I really like it. It's omni because the int/str combo is really good for helping with blitzing bosses. The class is really fun to play because it has a bit of everything in it (movement, unbew, vulnerability,...) and on top of that can deal a lot of damage if you need it to. Would defenitly recommend ^^
  9. Was so excited I accidentaly closed the fight screen x) had to rip image from picture friend sent me
  10. I also got 33.333333333333333% closer to cloudy :)
  11. Without toad, damage buffs and heals (starting from turn 9) this was pretty tricky :)
  12. This is kinda true but on the other hand you can make up for this by using weapons and controlling your summons. The problem with this is that it seems that osa's will be in wyrm state a lot in pvm (at least that's what I've heared, I haven't had the time to really test the new osa). To help with the blitzing, is there a way to go back into neutral state on the hit turn so you can do full damage with a weapon or so? Or is this only possible by fusing with a summon of another family?
  13. Can one Rushu player pass me in achievement points please? :)
  14. As it is right now osa's are pretty insane healers in PvM in a full int set. Say you have 12 AP. Going into wyrm mode will give you 14. That means you can summon a 3ap tofu around your allies, immediately sacrifice it for the 25% AoE heals (wich will heal around 1000-1200 in most cases). Then you still have 9ap left, which means 2x whip and an archetypal bow shot. With the +heals you get from wyrm mode my average heal with the bow was 1500 and when testing the whip did around 400-500 per hit. This means you can easily heal 3500 on a single target and + 1000 on some allies in the AoE, granted you have LoS for whip. At the moment you can do this every turn, which is pretty amazing :o.