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  1. Frav: Sooo what do we do now? Lord: Eum, no idea tbh Glad we figured it out ;)
  2. Probably struggled harder with this one than I should have so I'm happy that it's done :).
  3. I think you're being overly negative here. All there is to see are some updates they're working on for next year and you're already acting like they messed everything up. We have no idea what their plans regarding many of these topics are so let's give them the benefit of the doubt for now. Also your ebony dofus argument is pretty ridiculous lol. Who in their right minds plays this game only to search for "the six primordial Dofus" I am looking forward to some of these things. Nothing on the calendar is super ambitious so they will probably have time to focus more on balancing the new spell variants.
  4. Favorite teammates: 6 other cras and an enu
  5. Favoritism: Max effect accumulation is now 10. Aaaaaand my hopes and dreams are crushed again. Rip giant podgy :(
  6. I was very sceptical about the new variants in the beginning but I have to say, this new update sold me.
  7. Let's be honest who really hates the current system anyway? Personally I just hate being agressed at all. At least in the current system you had a relatively easy way to avoid getting attacked. From what I hear this new system is just 100% worse lol. So for me the good sollutions are to either keep the old system or to remove the agro mechanic in its entirety.
  8. That moment when a podgy tofu has the least amount of mp of any of your summons (even in tofu mode)
  9. Clumsiness : The spell is now online only. Do they mean IN line? If so, all hail the mp rape cras p.s. Why does ankama like cras so much?
  10. Gl with the fight! :)
  11. The chars who box him in save eachother. There is a cross of 4 range that gives players the state (doesn't need LoS)
  12. A fairly easy way to do it without elio is to lure Erzal towards you and to surround him with 4 chars so he can't escape. This prevents him from hitting with his huge AoE damage spell. You just have to make sure noone dies so we always end up making a cross formation. Then it's easiest to have some kind of mp and range raper to keep the other mobs away, and a healer to keep your team alive. After that you just have to hithithithithit until everything is dead :p. I forgot what it's called but how one of the states works is that when a player ends his turn, every character within a 4 cell cross gets the state. If a char doesn't have the state for a whole turn it dies. As a result it's best to stay in lines so every character is sure to get the state. The other state vulns Erzal. I am not 100% sure how it works but I think that your explaination is pretty accurate. Basically getting the player with the blue icon and another player linear to him works well (When you do the surround strategy he will be vuln pretty much all the time).
  13. Vortex impertinence + xelor ornament + joining the 100% achievement club :). There was a panda too but I messed up with it at the end so it had to leave the fight at turn 35 :P Getting 100% achievements is something I could have never dreamed of and of course I didn't do it alone, so shoutout to some of my pvm friends who helped so much with achieving this feat! In particular: Cloquether RedGuardian Thelordofthetraps Vendline Nurbz bricolbob Stene Trumpjack Maithily Azzie Mavvo ... and many others! Thank you so much to those who helped me and I hope I can return the favor soon :)
  14. Fravanlan - Probably an agi elio since I haven't played that class at all but I'm not 100% sure yet.