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Everything posted by Pantaleo

  1. COME TO HENUAL !!!!!!
  2. Get off my buisnis youbnewb ! my pollens are way betah
  3. Back from being gone for few years, Playing on 1.29 server now for for funz
  4. It was +110 pushback 2 rounds before it was heals
  5. Ghost all the way =c
  6. But having your'e name on it makes it worse :>
  7. we want moarrrr!
  8. Your'e stil playing :D nice 1 not many people can tel they dropd 2 vulbises in there dofus career
  9. Damn Morg you sexy beast!
  10. Step up your game guys, My fogg had a 4h fight with a feca :D, and my best against sadida's was 3h~
  11. How much X xp did that panda have -.-?
  12. Plis sur can i join your team i veri good sur i can do big dmg hhh
  13. Its pointless to argue with persona cauz he always only pvps you once and when he wins you wil hear it 10years straight but he won't ever bother to do a rematch.
  14. After seeing how shit your goult sram was this year i will take part next year, that way we got atleast 1 spot coverd :ph34r:
  15. That does not change the factor that 60% of the players were undergeard/ not ready, When i was watching c/d i felt like i was watching a ordinair kolo match on rosal or rushu, then a motivated team who had an mission an tactic to work with, I was waiting ever single week to see a nice trap combo + coop or something, Never saw it. You Guy's registerd for goult, you knew what the expections were of you if you get pickd. I don't see why you would make teams based on a player who is a good leader ship.. This game is based on teamplay, i learnd in my 2 years of playing CSGO communication is everthing w/o communication you won't win shit. This makes a second point that its 10 times harder for a international team since we have people from all over the world, insteed a server where everbody speeks French. If we wanna make a fair change in goult there's more needed then 4 equal teams.. But with this lame picking system of players for goult were good people like marwen with amazing sets and fully prepard not getting in cauz there name is not big enough makes it impossible to set foot in the almighty top of dofus.goult myzelf/lubo/vikin/hero got close 2years ago by amazing teamwork and preparations.
  16. Even the only good pvp event what you get once a year. got ruined by needing a whole server to show up LOL. And then ofcourse you only have to DDOS our cra 1 turn to make sure you get the hudge advange on many ways anyway goodjob rushu!
  17. I doubt they got there dofus on dutch but in english wich is the reason they talk english... so not to get confused in the communication, Could be for windows stream But then they could have used dutch to tell where to go and stuff and call the spells in english wich would not make the rounds such a cluster fuck as it was sometimes on what to do.
  18. WOO go steam! I approv this man even how bad he was on his fogger :>D to be captain! The motivasion to watch the fights and the spirit makes your a tru captain, Good luck rushu, ps : i tottaly did not say no to my friends to go to the movie cauz i though tonight would be the finals =c
  19. gimma break did not touch this game for 2years :D
  20. Since you can hold only an max amount of people in your friendlist thats alot. Considering not everbody live's is based of dofus and mcdonalds meals as persona.
  21. Yeah that game was almost as good as that 1 we had as DDOS team 3 years ago against SIO :rolleyes: ( rushu b Always best team never forget)
  22. Wtf is that for nasty shit? How does that exactly works..
  23. Any video of rushu D?
  24. And the persona strikes again,.. Why after all those years you guys never learn what he really is? A selfish bastard. LOL
  25. As i can see its actual YOUR team that is actual trying pretty hard and showing some good fights dont mather losing or winning but w/e we could expect such things of you, You think its all about yourself like usual. You own your teammates to show up tonight. As they have been there ever single match for you.