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  1. COME TO HENUAL !!!!!!
  2. Can't get in. Can you?

    1. Pantaleo
    2. Youbutsu


      Ah well, tomorrow ^_^

  3. Get off my buisnis youbnewb ! my pollens are way betah
  4. Back from being gone for few years, Playing on 1.29 server now for for funz
  5. It was +110 pushback 2 rounds before it was heals
  6. Ghost all the way =c
  7. But having your'e name on it makes it worse :>
  8. we want moarrrr!
  9. Your'e stil playing :D nice 1 not many people can tel they dropd 2 vulbises in there dofus career
  10. Damn Morg you sexy beast!
  11. Step up your game guys, My fogg had a 4h fight with a feca :D, and my best against sadida's was 3h~
  12. How much X xp did that panda have -.-?
  13. Plis sur can i join your team i veri good sur i can do big dmg hhh
  14. Its pointless to argue with persona cauz he always only pvps you once and when he wins you wil hear it 10years straight but he won't ever bother to do a rematch.
  15. After seeing how shit your goult sram was this year i will take part next year, that way we got atleast 1 spot coverd :ph34r:
  • Recent Status Updates

    • Ayy-lmao

      aight, so i did Peb'Houlud last year and it took the mick to actually kill him, but figure out mp rape and pushing him to the bottom worked out. So i come back to kill him again and now he has jump, so err whats the tactic to fighting a guy that mp rapes everyone in an aoe and gaining 50% res?? don't understand how this guy is now harder than most of f3 bounties.
      · 1 reply
    • Brutt-os1  »  bobeur

      bobeur since u dont play much could i arnak ur pano frm iop/eni/huntdown for my new eni iop elio also for panda i think about make bruce pano if u have some items i could lend h
      · 2 replies